Board and staff- Guildhouse

Our professional team is responsible for the effective management of the organisation’s programming, policies and efficient management of its resources. Staff work in conjunction with a board comprised of creative practitioners involved in active practice across the visual arts, craft and design, along with business and industry specialists.

Board Members

Jane Jeffreys

(Chair) Managing Director of Jane Jeffreys Consulting

Jess Dare


Deanne Loan

Director, Quantum Edge

Robyn McBride


John Hood

Managing Director JH Advisory

Rod Lindquist

Special Counsel, Cowell Clarke

Clare Belfrage


Guildhouse Personnel

Emma Fey

Chief Executive Officer

Victoria Bowes

Executive Officer

Megan Rainey

Program Manager

Clare Suridge

Finance Officer

Jasmine Argent

Social Media Officer

Bianka Kennedy

Well Made Digital Marketing Coordinator