Art Works: Rayleen Forester

published Mon 26 November 2018


Writer in Residence

Rayleen Forester

April – August 2018


Rayleen Forester commenced her residency in late April and worked closely with Kaspar Schmidt Mumm during his residency to explore commonalities and shared inspiration.

An independent publisher and arts writer Rayleen approached the residency as a collaborative opportunity to research the nature of collaboration and its historical forms within the Minor Forms building from 1939 to today.


Rayleen developed a series of responses to the site and those who have participated in its activation. Focusing on the city as a space of authentic experiences her written works will encourage greater interaction with the building and its new inhabitants.


You can view an excerpt from Rayleen’s essay Collaborative Sites


“This residency encouraged me to vocalize and interact more during the developmental stage of my piece; not normally a process I undertake when writing. I have participated in many enlightening conversations with artists, community members and workshop attendants over the last few months forming new points of perspective and better understanding the depth of my subject.” – Rayleen Forester, 2018


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Image: 2018 ART WORKS Artist in Residence Kaspar Schmidt Mumm, IMMI developmental showing. Photograph: Bridget Fahey Hodder