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Artists enrich our world

Guildhouse supports visual artists, craftspeople & designers to build and maintain  sustainable careers. We nurture and extend art practice and business development, open professional opportunities, markets and networks.

We’ve been quietly doing this work for over 50 years.  We need your help to do more.

Your gift gives artists choices.

Your gift will subside access to one of our in-demand programs and services, helping an artist get on with the business of making art.

You can contribute at any level; all are essential services which help an artist to further their career.  All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.


Professional Development
Sponsor an artist to attend an INFORM session to build their business skills.


Skills Development Workshop
Sponsor an artist to attend a tailored skills workshop.


Critical Writing
Commission a writer to produce a critical article on a practicing artist or exhibition

One-on-one Advice
Provide an artist with a one-on-one advice session with an industry expert.


Interest Free Loans
Contribute to our perpetual Microfinance fund supporting artists to build their practice.


6 Month Funded Mentorship
Provide a career changing experience through an enriching mentorship program