Nathan Finch : With All The Travail

Mon 15 October 2018 - Thu 31 January 2019

Bookings are no longer available.


Nathan Finch’s work explores the bonds between colour harmonies, surface textures, and mark intensities. Often unable to put these emotions into words, Finch uses his works as a tool to translate the complex responses we have to living. The works serve as an interpretation to the gritty complexities of the human condition, increasingly encountered in day-to-day life in an ever-connected world.

Working as a portal to Finch’s subconscious, the language in turn offers the viewer the opportunity to look inward and consider his or her own form. Finch aims to start a conversation with the viewer and the surface of the work. Giving the audience the power to add part of themselves to the viewing experience, leaving interpretation of the work open.

The work itself shares equal importance with the artist, with strong emphasis on materiality, using energy that is both spontaneous and direct.


To celebrate our new home in the bustling West End creative precinct, Guildhouse has launched a series of solo exhibitions, including South Australian visual arts graduates, called OFFICE SPACE.

Guildhouse is committed to supporting emerging artists to professionalise their practice, develop networks and exhibit their work to new audiences, which is why we jumped at the chance to have some of South Australia’s brilliant emerging talent displayed in our office.

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