Jackson Kane Metal Art

Jackson Kane creates sculptures of animals out of scrap metal and retired tools. By blending engineering with nature, the creatures are a combination of the familiar and the fantastic. They are stylized to bring forth visions of life in a bio-mechanical world of figurative robotics. Growing up on the family farm gave Jackson a fascination for heavy machinery and their inner workings. It also allowed him to get up close and personal with a variety of animals of all shapes and sizes. Utilising his creative abilities, training, and experience, he started welding together animal sculptures during his mechanical fitting apprenticeship which opened a whole new world for him. Working out of a home studio has allowed him to take on commissions from those who enjoy his artistic style and want their own unique piece. Jackson sources his materials from a variety of locations; anything from inside the kitchen drawers, the tool shed, or even the scrap heap. The salvaged steel always varies which leads to very adventurous and personal designs. Understanding and appreciating the scrap metal and its history allows Jackson to give the parts new life as a unique and timeless piece of art.


Jewellery & Metal, Sculpture
Jackson Kane