AZZURRO is a highly commissioned international designer and street artist from South Australia. His artwork is known for being imagination-drenched, vibrant, colourful and futuristic. He uses acrylic brush, paint pen and aerosols to create immersive large scale street art style pieces indoors and outdoors. Azz uses slick, clean linework to encase vivid rainbow pattern and adventurous subject matter. Azz graduated from Christian Brothers College in 2012 with a SACE merit in Design and went on to begin studying psychology, but left university to fulfill an incoming stream of digital illustration and design commissions. He hasn’t stopped creating public artworks ever since, for council and state government, corporate and small businesses. He was commissioned to paint over 35 murals for the international hostel chain Clink Hostels in Amsterdam and London. His most notable public works are in the Adelaide Central Markets and all over Jetty Road in Brighton. He has also exhibited a solo show in Amsterdam, and curated a 30-artist climate change exhibition “It’s Getting Hot in Here’ in 2016 featuring an urgent speech by marine ecologist Rene Campbell(Ph.D). The follow-up to the show on Nov 11 2020, 'One Minute to Midnight' is being supported by the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and the International Campaign for Abolishment of Nuclear Weapons.


Community Art, Curating, Drawing, Exhibition Installation, Fashion Design, Graphic Design And Illustration, Illustration, Public Art, Stencil Art, Street Art, Visual Art
Aaron Batic