Michelle Driver

Hand woven tapestry is an ancient medium which Michelle Driver uses to produce contemporary artworks. She combines the old and the new, creating portraits inspired by themes such as musical subcultures through to x-rays. Her main inspiration is the medium of woven tapestry itself, requiring her to think outside the square and to come up with creative solutions. Working on a vertical tapestry loom, Michelle's tapestries are eye-catching and award winning with humanity and individuality always at the heart of her work. In addition to artworks, Michelle creates scarves for men and women, handwoven on a 16 shaft table loom, and 8 shaft floor loom. Continually developing her wearable lines, these are available through her online shop. In August 2016, Michelle won the Port Pirie Open Prize and has been a finalist in many others, including the 2018 Waterhouse Natural Science Prize.

Blue Thumb


Contemporary Craft, Textiles
Michelle Driver