Found form

Simon enters the world of jewellery design with few preconceptions. Although trained as a graphic designer he was always making objects and exploring the arts, and when the opportunity presented he began making full time. The bench is where his heart is, the place where everything else disappears. Some of his earliest memories are of making paper watches and bracelets. Our childhood experiences inform us and making is very important to Simon. Simon is wary of polished perfection, preferring work that shows the hand of the maker and is more organic. It is important that the work he makes is considered and takes time. It gives back then with completeness and rightness. He is attracted to the landscape and the minutiae of everyday living, and consequently his work is eclectic. Increasingly fascinated by local flora he looks for the transition between reality and abstract, and tries to find the tension or balance between the two. This can allow the viewer space to see their interpretation, and then there is a communication.


Jewellery & Metal, Sculpture
Simon Lownsborough