Callum Docherty

Callum Docherty is an Adelaide-based multidisciplinary artist who has worked throughout New South Wales and South Australia. He has an experimental approach to creating, harnessing various mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography and installation. Callum transforms traditional works on paper into conceptual, composition-based collages with the notions of reinvention and circularity being at the core of his creative arts practice. He employs abstraction as a means to express personal narratives and responses to social issues.

Callum was awarded Major Prize Winner of the 2019 Gallery M Open Contemporary Art Prize for his work ‘Intermission’. He was a finalist in the 2019 4th Biennial RSASA Portrait Prize Exhibition and the 2017 Tatiara Art Prize. Since moving to Adelaide in 2017, Callum has also exhibited his work in solo and group exhibitions, along with festivals including the Adelaide Fringe and SALA festivals.


Visual Art
Callum Docherty