Jingwei Bu

Jingwei Bu utilizes a range of modalities, from fine art to art performance and performative video art, for exploring themes such as time, memory, culture heritage which is influenced by her Taichi practice and Buddhist Zen learning. Her early art training is Chinese traditional technique of charcoal powder portrait drawing in China, later at a contemporary artist atelier in Germany and currently graduating from BVA from ACSA. As part of exploration of body as media, she has been taking part in contemporary dance class and body movement workshops with Australian Dance Theatre, Gaga Movement Language Stockholm, master class of objects and body collide in risky situation by Branch Nebula Sydney. 

Bu grew up in the remote region in Inner Mongolia China. Her early years were spent immersed in nature, wandering the plains often by herself for hours on end. This formative experience shaped her view of the world; for Bu the natural world is a source of great vitality and meaning. 


Drawing, Installation, Painting, Sculpture
Jingwei Bu