Adele Dubarry

Working in oils and pastels, Adele Dubarry is inspired by natural forms in the environment and by the human body. She spends time with landscapes to study form and detail, in a process of careful watchfulness combined with a sense of intuition. She is continuing to hone her skills and practice and will often go back to drawings, rub them back and draw over them again. Since starting classes with Central Studios in 2012, she has quickly become recognised for her style of delicate abstraction, which brings the viewer into an intimate space with a landscape. Adele won the 2016 Rain Moth Gallery River Life Art Prize and has been a finalist in the Rick Amor Drawing Prize; Watershed Art Prize, the Emma Hack Prize. and the Fleurieu Biennale 2018. She is a regular exhibitor in the SALA Festival and has participated in group shows with Central Studios, Art Images Norwood. In 2017 she embarked on a self-funded study programme for seven weeks at the British Museum, where she spent time in the Coins and Medals Department looking at iron age imagery on Celtic coins. The resulting body of work is still in development. In 2018, she has returned to abstraction and her oil paintings - one of which is currently on show as part of the Fleurieu Biennale 2018 at the Stump Hill Gallery McLaren Vale Visitors Centre.


Drawing, Painting, Textiles
adele dubarry