Edwin Harris Faull

Edwin Harris-Faull’s ceramic sculptures draw on his educational background in horticulture and love of the natural world. His organic and hybridised forms dissolve the boundaries between flora and fauna, reflecting his belief in the sentience of all living things. Eyes and ears are reoccurring motifs in his work, which he uses to explore ideas around connection and communication. These themes draw on his experiences with deafness and hearing, which has changed throughout his life as a result of receiving cochlear implants at ages 2 and 14. Harris-Faull began working with ceramics in 2012, through mentorships with local Adelaide artists Kirsten Coelho, Helen Fuller and Mark Valenzuela. He subsequently studied a six-month ceramics course at Adelaide College of the Arts (TAFE SA). Over the past two years, he has undertaken an intensive period of tuition and mentoring with Mark Valenzuela. Harris-Faull has participated in group exhibitions at Adelaide College of the Arts, Eastwood Community Centre and Kerry Packer Gallery. I’m planning to have first solos exhibition in 2022


Ceramics, Sculpture
Edwin Florian Harris Faull