Catherine Buddle

For Catherine Buddle, working with thread is part of her DNA. Some of her earliest memories are of crocheting as a constant childhood pre-occupation. This focus on detail and minutia has influenced her career spanning biological sciences, scientific illustration and graphic design. Each in its own way requires meticulous attention to detail and has inspired her current jewellery and object practice. Catherine employs this precision to create organic forms that appear spontaneous, and represent the human psyche as an abstracted, mutable vessel. She is fascinated by cellular construction, botanical detail and the lustre and texture of rare fine gauge threads, and has cultivated her own silk worms. Her works are very personal and time consuming and she is delighted when she sees someone wearing one of her creations. It is as if the wearer understands that they hold a piece of the maker with them, almost as a talisman. Memory and narrative are important for Catherine and she believes our childhood experiences are imprinted and embedded in us. These tactile stories and threads form a calligraphic tracery, fragments of memory, maps of meanderings. She works with textiles and old paper, stitching patterns and words into these textured surfaces that are already laden with their own histories or stories. Themes of metamorphosis run throughout her work, reflecting Catherine's own continuing experiments with the delicate, the organic and the transformative. 

Zu Design

The Art Gallery of South Australia

San W Gallery

Studio 2017


Graphic Design & Illustration, Jewellery & Metal, Textiles
Catherine Buddle