Cynthia Schwertsik

Cynthia’s art practice includes visual art and contemporary performance with participatory inclusion. She has generated an array of projects across visual art, installation, public art and theory, and worked in collaboration with various artists. Her work has been commissioned and presented throughout Europe, Australia, South Africa and the USA. Cynthia holds a diploma of dance and is a qualified Yoga instructor. Upon relocation to Australia she has completed a BVA in fine Arts. Cynthia started her career as a dancer and performer in Austria, in the initial days of contemporary dance’s establishment, costume and set-design followed as a matter of course. Her primary interest lies in movement and dialogue. Much of her work responds to everyday elements and the attitude derived from embracing the wonders and beauty of mundane experience, the daily chores of parenting and the ever challenging task of making sense of life the universe and everything. Projects that include audience participation, performed or realised in public space are at the heart of Cynthia’s practice. Her current line of inquiry is to create images and interventions that reflect the starkly modified landscape shaped by the events of the Anthropocene era. The materials and methods in her repertoire to achieve this are broad; photography, paint, the found object, illumination and most of all drawing and movement.  


Visual Art
cynthia schwertsik