Having spent much of her childhood travelling with her Dutch family exploring the rich and diverse cultures of the world, artist, designer and stylist Joslin Koolen describes herself as a gatherer of all things eclectic, bold and disparate. With a practice founded on experimentation, she prefers to express herself in multi-disciplinary ways, transforming the conceptual into innovative, engaging outcomes through the well-worn process of experimentation, improvisation and interpretation. After studying Interior Design at the University of South Australia, Koolen spent more than a decade working in floristry while enjoying various other creative pursuits before establishing A.nouk. Combining Koolen’s creative passions, A.nouk crafts contemporary, tactile plant and floral installations, offers styling services, and produces a bespoke, locally made collection of vessels, stands and made-to-spec pieces. Representation


Installation, Sculpture
Joslin Koolen