art of Lisa King

Self-taught artist Lisa King began her professional career as a graphic designer but moved into painting in 2012 in search of more freedom of expression. She works in a variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic, charcoal and digital, producing work ranging from illustration to portraiture to large-scale murals. More recently she has become known for her street art works across the Adelaide CBD and suburbs. King created the now iconic 1980s inspired mural transforming the front of Adelaide’s renowned live music venue Jive. In 2016 she painted a portrait of David Bowie at The Maid Hotel and in 2017 has been working on a large-scale project 'Walls of Wonderment'. In 2015 she worked with James Dean developing her skills with oil paint as part of Guildhouse’s One On One mentorship program. King is inspired by fashion photography, traditional painting techniques, the Renaissance, indie culture and street art, and is always hungry for opportunities to learn new skills and develop her practice.


Painting, Public Art (visual Art), Street Art
Lisa King