Kaspar Schmidt Mumm

Born in Germany and raised in Adelaide with Colombian, Pakistani and Canadian heritage, Kaspar Schmidt Mumm is a third generation immigrant whose practice ranges from painting, sculpture and performance to arts writing, curating and creative direction. His motivation to make art stems from his experience of displacement and desire to develop an artistic language that crosses cultural borders - a language for the global citizen. Presenting work in both traditional and obscure venues, Schmidt Mumm has exhibited in galleries, streets, abandoned buildings, theatres and clubs around the world, including Heeresbekleidungsamt and Gallery Ardes (Berlin, Germany); Warehouse 82 (Bali, Indonesia); The Floating Goose and 322 King William St (Adelaide, Australia). His current work involves large-scale puppetry and short film, alongside managing artist-run space SMOCK. His most recent commission of note was the creative direction of the 2017 Adelaide Cabaret Festival television commercial and media branding. See more of Kaspar's work here.

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Kaspar Schmidt Mumm