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Leonie Westbrook, Mentee and Catherine Truman, Mentor at Gray Street Workshop, 2019. Photograph Rosina Possingham.

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Spotlight: Tom Borgas on CATAPULT

Tom Borgas tells us about making large scale permanent installations and undertaking a mentorship with Jason Waterhouse.

Spotlight: Brooke Walker on CATAPULT

Painter Brooke Walker tells us about undertaking a mentorship with experienced street artist Tyrone ‘Rone’ Wright and giving animals a voice.

Spotlight: Regine Schwarzer on CATAPULT

Jeweller Regine Schwarzer speaks to us about being mentored by internationally renowned enameler Barbara Ryman.

Spotlight: Louise Flaherty on 'Our Future in the Landscape'

Emerging Curator Steph Cibich interviews Louise Flaherty about exhibiting in Our Future in the Landscape and the driving force behind her practice.

Spotlight: Rita Kellaway on CATAPULT

Glass artist Rita Kellaway delves into her mentorship with Lisa Cahill and the future of her practice.

Spotlight: James Dodd on CATAPULT

South Australian artist James Dodd tells us about undertaking a mentorship with Cameron Robbins and the impact it’s had on his practice so far.

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MOKU HANGA Workshop: Japanese Woodblock with Professor Hiroki Satake

EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST ARE NOW CLOSED From 9—12 February 2016 legendary Japanese printmaker, Hiroki Satake, is undertaking a series of workshops in Adelaide focusing on the traditional Japanese woodblock printing technique Moku hanga. Due to the overwhelming interest...

Subversive Clay Australian Ceramics Triennale 2012

Guildhouse was proud to be the major supporting partner for the 2012 Australian Ceramics Triennale, ‘Subversive Clay’. The conference was held over four days exploring clay as a medium capable of challenging artistic, social and cultural issues through an...

Inside SAM’s Place 2010-11: Flocked

Sera Waters, Inside SAM's Place: Flocked, 2011An exhibition by Adelaide-based artist and writer Sera Waters concluded the 2011 program of the Guildhouse project Inside SAM’s Place. Waters’ exhibition, Flocked: Collecting Bird Stories from SA, is a participatory...

Jason Collingwood

Weaver Jason Collingwood has been designing and weaving rugs for 24 years. The son of the late Peter Collingwood, a weaver of world renown, Jason has also built a solid reputation as a well-respected weaver, and his work is featured in The Tate Modern Gallery in the...

Inside SAM’s Place: From My House to Antarctica by Karen Finch

From My House to Antarctica: Imagining the great unknown Annalise Rees South Australian Museum, Growing up, artist Annalise Rees developed a strong sense of the presence of Antarctica, 5,320 km to the south of her home on the southern coast of South Australia’s...


In Real Terms: Tax Prep with The Real Thiel

Image: Lauren Thiel. Photograph: Katherine Schultz Photography.Wednesday 10 June, 2 pm Pricing: Free Location: Online via webinar Presenter: Chartered Accountant Lauren Thiel Preparing your tax can be difficult to wrap your head around if you are a sole trader,...

Guildhouse Community Resource Hub

Guildhouse is continuing to advocate for artists as the full impact of COVID-19 is realised and we encourage you to stay in touch if you require any further assistance. You can find all the current information we have around COVID-19 on this page. We...