Sera Waters, Inside SAM’s Place: Flocked, 2011

An exhibition by Adelaide-based artist and writer Sera Waters concluded the 2011 program of the Guildhouse project Inside SAM’s Place. Waters’ exhibition, Flocked: Collecting Bird Stories from SA, is a participatory project that reflects upon South Australian bird life through stories and art.

Waters spent several months in early 2011 studying bird collections in the South Australian Museum and gathering personal bird stories from the public via a blog and a nest box in the museum foyer. Flocked featured the resulting textile and embroidered art she made, together with bird skins, eggs and nests from the museum collection, creating a rich and complex world of anecdote and art celebrating the colourful culture of local birds and people, and the connections between them. ‘After the wonderful time I spent with the bird collection, and with individual birds, it struck me how much their world is intertwined with ours, and how reliant we are upon one another,’ says Waters.

As part of the project, Waters also conducted bird-making workshops with schoolchildren from around the city.

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