LimberUP Mentorship Program

Image credit: Alice Blanch, between sunrises #12, (detail) edition of 5
40x40cm, Inkjet print on fine art paper

Learning opportunities are crucial for people at all stages of a career. Emerging, mid-career and established artists, craftspeople, designers, installers, and curators, Guildhouse is pleased to be able to offer the LimberUP mentorship program to our members. Congratulations to the recipients of the fourth round of LimberUP. We are excited to see how their practice develops as a result.

Alice Blanch (mentee) + Deborah Paauwe (mentor)
In the lead up to her solo exhibition at Floating Goose Gallery in June 2017 Alice will be mentored by renowned photographic artist Deborah Paauwe. Alice will be working with Deborah to strengthen her marketing, promoting and presentation strategies around the exhibition and her practice to expand her audience and networks.

John Flanagan Willanski (mentee) + Meg Wilson  (mentor)
John is working with Meg Wilson to gain support and guidance through the logistics, planning and presentation opportunities for a new installation and performative work, based on his project ‘Letters to Hugo’.

Meg Wilson (mentee) + Emma Valente(mentor)
Meg will be spending 2 x 3 day blocks with Emma Valente, Co-Founder/ Artistic Director/ CEO of THE RABBLE to work through the dramaturgical approach of a significant new project SQUASH! Emma will introduce written, verbal and physical provocations, act as sounding board for ideas, and advise on initial design elements. This mentorship will strengthen Meg’s SPECTACULAR project, and equip her with a new set of skills to extend her practice and apply to new projects well into the future.

Naomi Stanley (mentee) + Alison Smith (mentor)
Working with Alison Smith will equip Naomi with the skills to provide custom fit orthopedic style footwear, enabling her to cater to a niche market and expand her practice.

Sasha Grbich (mentee) + Christopher Williams (mentor)
Sasha is working with Christopher Williams to develop a broad understanding of the usage and potential of different sound editing systems and to investigate spatial sound installation through creating multichannel outputs. Sasha’s goal is to leverage her existing knowledge of sound, strengthen her skills and develop her highly skilled professional approach in this context.

Tom Phillips (mentee) + Stewart MacFarlane (mentor)
Tom is aiming to develop a strong new body of work with a view to gaining gallery representation through this mentorship with renowned Australian artist and master of Australian contemporary narrative painting Stewart MacFarlane.


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