From 9—12 February 2016 legendary Japanese printmaker, Hiroki Satake, is undertaking a series of workshops in Adelaide focusing on the traditional Japanese woodblock printing technique Moku hanga. Due to the overwhelming interest and level of expertise required in these workshops a short Expression of Interest (EOI) is required from artists wanting to participate. Hiroki is a highly respected and celebrated practitioner, whose work has been exhibited around the world through exhibitions and biennales. He also teaches Fine Art at Tokyo Zokei University and at Syunendo arts studio in Tokyo.

Hiroki will present two types of workshops. Applicants will only be able to attend one and can preference their selection.

3 Day Intensive

This 3-day intensive workshop will allow participants to explore the processes of traditional wood block printing. Including Image preparation, separation, carving implements/techniques and printing methods. Due to the demand for this workshop EOIs are based of merit. See the required docuements bellow. Please make sure the EOI is ONE email and under 5mb.

Workshop Day 1: Introduction to the medium, workshop students will create an image and explore basic colour separation of their original image.

Workshop Day 2: How to Carve, introducing the tools and carving implements of the trade and the variety of detail, texture available through them.

Workshop Day 3: How to print, exploring the variety and technique of printing on true Japanese Washi.