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Art Battle Spectacular

Mixed Spice Creative Studios turns ONE

Mixed Spice Creative Studios is an art studio and Gallery in the Adelaide CBD that fills the need for emerging, outsider, and grassroots artists to create, learn, and come together in creative pursuits.  Our manifesto is one of collaboration, community, and connection that we promote through arts exhibitions, renting studio space to creatives, and holding arts and community events.

Mixed Spice Creative are a voluntary artist run initiative proud to bring colour, life and excitement to the streets of Adelaide.

It’s been twelve months of hustle and bustle getting our business off the ground, and what better way to celebrate than with a street party! On the 8th of Feb we will be turning our home strip Coromandel Place into hub of arts markets, live music, projection art, and Adelaide’s only live painting competition event; The Art Battle Spectacular!

Last run in 2016, this fifth battle will feature eight artists from the Mixed Spice Fam painting LIVE on stage in 45 minute timed rounds to the theme of “Birthday”.  At the end of each round, the audience chooses which artist goes to the next! To win the grand prize one artist will have to survive all four rounds, making this an art competition not only based on speed, but also stamina!

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