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Guildhouse + ACE Open Studio Artist In Residence

Guildhouse + ACE Open Studio successful applicant announced!

Image Credit: Zoe Brooks and Catholic Church Craft Group The Immaculate Conception of Us l and ll from the series Live by Faith, not by Feelings Faith wool, crucifixes, rosary beads and miraculous medals, 2017

Guildhouse and ACE Open are pleased to announce the successful recipient of the ACE Open residency, Zoë Brooks. Brooks is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked with religious extremists, street preachers, church craft groups, empaths, faith followers and spiritual advisors to bring active dialogue into play with her own personal experience. Brooks will also be undertaking an exploration into the historical context of women and the art gallery, with a public program to follow.



Zoë Brooks is a multidisciplinary artist from Adelaide. With a background of working in the youth and community arts sector in local government, Brooks became interested in minority groups. Through curatorial, collaborative and participatory approaches to making art, her relationships with people and communities form the medium of her work. Often immersing herself in different environments, her practice becomes an exploration into belief systems and the extremities of human behaviour through a predominantly religious and spiritual lens.