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A Measure of Time, Clare Belfrage, collection of works detail, 2018



SALA is right around the corner, and 2018 is bigger than ever…


Who: Pepper Street Artists
 Wate Not Want Not

When: 26 July – 24 August
Where: Pepper Street Arts Centre


Who: Aldo Iacobelli
 A conversation with Jheronimus

When: 15 June – 31 August
Where: Samstag Museum of Art, Hawke Building, City West campus, 55 North Tce, Adelaide


Who: Andrea Malone

When: 6 Aug – 26  Aug
Where: Hughes Gallery, Fullerton Park Community Centre

Who: Naomi Schwartz
 Entropy by the Sea

When: 29 July – 31 Aug
Where: 340-352 Seaview Road


Who: Holy Rollers Studio

When: 1 Aug – 25  Aug
Where: 69 Prospect Rd, Prospect


Who: Jenny McKinnon
 Permission to Dream

When: 6 Aug – 17  Sept
Where: Worth Gallery, Kent Town

Who: Sonali Patel & various artists
 The Connected Thread

When: 3 Aug – 26 Aug
Where: Building 20, Lobethal Woolen Mill

Who: BAY, Thomas Readette
 From Within

When: 10 August – 10 September
Where: RAJ House, Adelaide CBD


Who: Mark Niehus
 Outside Light

When: 24 August – 19 October, 5:30pm to 12am
Where: Rear Carpark New Local Eatery 120 Port Rd, Hindmarsh


Who: Michelle Kelly
 Fungi Forest

When: 1 – 31 August
Where: Rockford Winery, Barossa SA


Who: Ashleigh Bevan, Amelia Fox, Bianca Hoffritchter, Ena Turner, Joanne Mildenhall, Martha Dimitrion
 In Her Ruthless Red Romance

When: 4 August – 26 September
Where: Rain Moth Gallery, Waikerie


Who: Tracey Moffat & Gary Hillberg
Montages: The Full Cut 1999-2015

When: 15 June – 31 August
Where: Samstag Museum, Hawke Building, City West campus, 55 North Tce, Adelaide


Who: Alice Potter, Amanda Radmoni, Ashley Playfair, Billie Cook, Eleanor Zecchin, Elizabeth Wojciak, Fran Callen, Heidi Kenyon, Laura Wills, Shelley Smith, Suzy Fagan
Mad for More

When: Opens 6pm, 2 August, showing until 30 August
Where: Light Square Gallery
, 39 Light Square, Adelaide

Art and life at the kitchen table, Fran Callen, detail, 2018

Who: Kate Bohunnis, Nancy Downes, Kate O’Boyle, Jenna Pippett, Kate Power, Kelly Reynolds, Julia Robinson, Cassie Thring, and Sera Waters. With the performance artists Alycia Bennett and Florian Cinco, Ray Harris, Ashton Malcolm, Grace Marlow, Kate O’Boyle, Jenna Pippett, Tanya Voges, Meg Wilson and Greta Whyatt.
What: Psychoache

When: 1 – 25 August
Where: Holy Rollers Studios,
69 Prospect Rd, Prospect


Who: Hannah Vorrath-Pajak
What: Foraged

When:  1 – 30 August
Where: Adelaide Botanic Garden – North Lodge


Who: Marek Herburt
What: Colour Seen

When: 1 – 31 August
Where: Adelaide Convention Centre


Who: John Willanski
What: Getting Round

When: 1 – 29 August
Where: Adelaide Convention Centre


Who: Tom Borgas
What: Adelaide Festival Centre 2018 Artist-in-Residence: Tom Borgas

When: 1 – 31 August
Where: Adelaide Festival Centre Grounds & Medical Centre


Who: Clare Belfrage
What: A Measure of Time

When: 27 July – 16 September
Where: Jamfactory


Who: Jane Barwick, Frank Bauer, Julie Blyfield, Jane Bowden, Roman Kielczewski, Peta Kruger, Sue Lorraine, Sim Luttin, Leanne Marshall, Leslie Matthews, Julie Mitchell, Gillian Rainer, Sarah Rothe, Regine Schwarzer, Lauren Simeoni, Catherine Truman, Bianca Velder, Leonie Westbrook
What: To Have and to Hold: The Daalder Collection of International Jewellery

When:  21 July – 31 August
Where: Art Gallery of South Australia


Who: Cheryl Bridgart
What: Art of Being Different

When: 12 – 31 August
Where: Beltana House Gallery


Who: Paloma Concierta
What: Innerlanscapes 2: Tomography and the landscape of the eye

When: 1 August – 1 September
Where: Bray House: Innovative Eye Care

I am not here #2, Paloma Concierta, detail

Who: Naomi McCann, Monica Hall, Karlien Van Rooyen, Anita Spiniello. Evy Moschakis, Unity Housing
What: Paying it Forward, Outside the Square

When: 4 – 32 August
Where: Café Outside the Square


Who: Desma Kastanos, Banjobe Hunt
What: Conversation

When: 2 – 24 August
Where: Catalyst Foundation


Who: Jane Skeer, Lorry Wedding-Marchioro
What: Artist-in-Residence

When: 1 – 31 August
Where: Centre for Creative Health, Royal Adelaide Hospital


Who: Lilly Buttrose, Samantha Gold, Anny Duff
What: Interweave

When: 24 August – 21 September
Where: Ensemble Studios


Who: Charlie Albright
What: Chasing Dancing Colours

When: 1 – 31 August
Where: Erb ‘n’ Flo Coffee & Breakfast Bar


Who: Kate O’Boyle
What: Ritual Silences

When: 1-18 August
Where: FELTspace

Fabric, water, ceramic bowls, ply wood, Kate O’Boyle, detail

Who: eDuard Helmbold
What: I Acknowledge

When: 1 – 18 August
Where: FELTspace


Who: Danny Vines
What: Deep Mode, Bone Deep

When: 1 – 18 August
Where: FELTspace


Who: Rosina Possingham. George Graetz
What: Night Euphoric

When: 10 August – 2 September
Where: Floating Goose Studios


Who: Sarah Campbell, Mitch Hearn
What: Notebooks from a Fictional Reality

When: 1 – 31 August
Where: Greenlight Comics


Who: Lesa Farrant
What: An (un)natural selection

When: 27 July – 16 September
Where: Jam Factory


Who: Simone Kennedy
What: Six Months

When: 1 – 31 August
Where: Migration Museum


Who: Anna Dowling, Laura Wills
What: Heartlines

When: 1 – 31 August


Who: Carolyn Corletto
What: It’s Alive! Investigating the not-so-still life of objects

When: 15 June – 17 August
Where: The Guildhouse Office

Racket, Carolyn Corletto, 2018

Who: Shino Takeda, Rebecca Trevitt, Luke Amkris, Elizabeth Wojciak, Pauline Zenk, Carissa Karamarko
What: Chez Nous

When: 9 – 27 August
Where: 122, Hindley Street, GU film house


Who: Andrew Dearman
What: Masterclass // How to make an ‘Afghan Box Camera’

When: 25 – 26 August
Where: The Mill


Who: Phoebe Hunter, Caroline Taylor
What: The Riverbank

When: 1 – 31 August
Where: The Popeye


Who: Lucia Dohrmann
What: Pattern and Repetition

When: 23 July – 28 September
Where: University of South Australia Business School


Who: Ayesha Aggarwal, Melissa Duncan, Wendy Fairclough, Susan Frost, Elisabeth Howlett, Claire Ishino, Lynn Mack, Christine McCarthy, Megan O’Hara, Valli Palmgren, Eliza Piro, Mary Wagstaff, Mark Warren, Elizabeth Wojciak, Katie Wyatt
What: Still Amazing

When:  3 August – 2 September
Where: Art Images Gallery


Who: Dan Withey, Laura Wills, Datsun Tran, Yve Thompson, Julie Strawinski, Leith Semmens, Rosanna Robertson, Leah Craig, Vivienne Robertson, Abe Phillips, Christopher Orchard, Alison Main, Paul Limpus, Lee Knowles, Janine Dello, Cathy Frawley, Adele Dubarry, Jason Cordero, Christopher Carapetis, Fran Callen, Margaret Ambridge
What: Open Studio at Central Studios

When:  11 – 12 August
Where: Central Studios Inc.


Who: Polly Dance, Heidi Kenyon, Zoe Freney, Jess Mara, Jess Taylor, Fran Callen
What: Good Mother

When: 12 August – 7 September
Where: Adelaide Central Gallery


Who: Jane Skeer, Kay Lawrence, Cynthia Schwertsik, Pierre Mukeba
What: Her Name

When: 9 July – 4 August
Where: Adelaide Central Gallery


Who: Sally Parnis
What: Blood and Rust, Soul and Dust

When: 15 August – 23 September
Where: Hula Hoop

The Fourteenth, Sally Parnis, detail

Who: Daniel Rossi
What: Finding My Voice

When: 1 – 31 August
Where: White Picket Coffee House


Who: Nicholas Elliot, Suzy Fagan, John Foubister, Melanie Fulton, Kathleen Munn, Stephanie Radok, Nina Rupena, Laura Wills, Patricia Wozniak, Mawarini
What: Drawing upon… (live)

When: 8 August – 22 September
Where: Gallery 1855


Who: Robin Tatlow-Lord, Elizabeth Grove Primary School
What: Square-eyed

When: 1 – 31 August
Where: Playford Civic Centre Forecourt


Who: Laura Wills, Kym Murphy, Danielle Rickaby, Kaz Pedersen, Nicki Manning
What: Healthy Port River

When: 18 – 26 August
Where: Black Diamond Gallery


Who: Lisa King
What: Fractions

When: 31 August – 14 September
Where: Cult & Harper


Who: Trevor Wren
What: Windjammer

When: 1 – 31 August
Where: Dockside Tavern

H, Trevor Wren, metalwork

Who: Mark Lobert
What: Animal party

When: 1 – 31 August
Where: Red Mill Bakehouse


Who: Nancy Forrester, Mandi Glynn-Jones, Kathy Harrison, Susan McKenzie, Lynn McKeown, Kaz Pedersen
What: 6 @ Jackalope

When: 29 July – 31 August
Where: Jackalope Gallery


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