Member profiles

As part of our critical writing program Guildhouse regularly commissions articles profiling our members and their practice.

Meet Your Maker | Kaspar Schmidt Mumm

The notion of artist as philosopher has a long tradition with artists writing manifestoes, developing bold new ideas and imagining new kinds of societies and cultures. Visual artist Kaspar Schmidt... More

Meet Your Maker | Gray Hawk

Furniture designer-maker Gray Hawk is a master craftsman with over 40 years experience creating bespoke and limited edition pieces for both public and private clients. Drawing on history and... More

Meet Your Maker | Jonathan van der Knaap

Jonathan van der Knaap’s interest in photography developed while he was living in Tokyo from the mid to late 2000s. It was during this period that he discovered the work of Daido Mariyama. Known as... More

Meet Your Maker | Tristan Kerr

Tristan Kerr is an artist working across typography, design and street art and is passionate about re-claiming text and language as an urban art medium. Following studies in Visual Communication,... More

Meet Your Maker | Robyn Wood

The journey for designer Robyn Wood to establish her own studio has been a circuitous route. Her early dreams of becoming a furniture designer were carried through her education at Underdale CAE and... More

Meet Your Maker | Sarah Rothe

Titanium is a material more often associated with jet engines and spacecraft than jewellery but it is its industrial resilience that appeals to jeweller Sarah Rothe. Etched titanium is her signature... More

Meet Your Maker | Fran Callen

Fran Callen’s practice was recently drawn to the attention of a wider audience when she was awarded the Fleurieu Food and Wine Art Prize 2016 for a painting, Tabletop 1. This distinctive image was... More

Meet Your Maker | Adele Dubarry

Adele Dubarry’s paintings and drawings are the result of careful observation of the natural world refracted through experimentation with oil paint, pastel and charcoal. A self-employed... More

Meet Your Maker | Youngsoon Jin

March in Adelaide is a time to enjoy the many arts events on offer, but it is also a time to acknowledge the dedication and tenacity of South Australia’s creative community. Alongside the city’s... More

Meet Your Maker | Peter MacDonald

Living in a small community in the northern Flinders Ranges keeps photographer Peter MacDonald very close to the landscapes he is so passionate about. The ranges are literally out the back door and... More

Meet Your Maker | Michelle Driver

Michelle Driver is not your average textile artist. Producing hand woven tapestries on a vertical loom, she employs this historically rich craft in the creation of unique, thought-provoking work that... More

Meet Your Maker | Jessica Loughlin

Glass artist Jessica Loughlin has long had an affinity for space. First captivated by the expansive horizons of the Hay Plains during art school, she has since become fascinated with the flat desert... More

Meet Your Maker | Franco Crea

Franco Crea - the furniture and space designer who prides himself on ensuring his work reflects the latest trends, construction methodology and technology, studied both interior design and... More

Meet Your Maker | Clare Belfrage

I recently read about a 75-year study that found the key to happiness is strong relationships - that those who are socially connected and feel they can count on their friends, family and... More

Meet Your Maker | Laura Wills

Artist Laura Wills has recently moved into Central Studios’ new home, a former industrial warehouse in King William St, Kent Town. It’s a generous space, housing around a dozen artists, with... More

Meet Your Maker | Steven Cybulka

Artist Steven Cybulka has an intimate understanding of the power of the built environment and its ability to impact how we experience and respond to the world around us. Having spent a decade working... More

Meet Your Maker | Lisa King

Lisa King is one of those impressively tenacious types who makes things happen. In the interests of developing her portfolio, the emerging street artist and illustrator recently crowd funded an... More

Meet Your Maker | Bohie Palecek

‘It starts with a coffee, a beer, a handshake, a high five’, says Bohie Palecek. This approach is clearly working for the sign writer and graphic designer who prefers traditional methods over the... More

Meet Your Maker | James Dodd

In his fifth solo presentation with Hugo Michell Gallery, opening on 22 March, James Dodd asks the question ‘where is the artist?’. The exhibition, titled Miller, features luminous paintings of... More

Meet Your Maker | Dan Withey

Dan Withey is a lot like his paintings; unpretentious and full of energy with a self-deprecating humour that is sure to make you smile. It is not surprising then that he describes the process of... More

Hans Kreiner

Cutting a fine line: Hans KreinerYou could look out of the dining room window over the backyard into the gloom of Centennial Park at night. There was a low ditch and a couple of strands of barbed... More

Julie Pieda

Celebrating 15 years in practice is just one of interior and furniture designer Julie Pieda’s many recent achievements. The founder of Koush Design is not only responsible for some of Adelaide’s... More

Adele Sliuzas

Green rats, fungal blooms and other curious things Adele Sliuzas is an emerging South Australian artist, curator and writer. Attempting to draft a brief summary of Adele’s prolific practice is bit... More

Heidi Kenyon

Everything is going to be alright… In Heidi Kenyon’s evocative installations things have been, in her words, messed with. Her arrays of objects have been shifted, skewed, undone, disrupted,... More

Honor Freeman

Honor Freeman’s work is anchored firmly, via the forms, within the domestic sphere. In this very issues-driven climate, her pieces invite all sorts of conjecture as to subtexts and hidden... More

Dianne Longley

“I can’t do just one thing. I like to make things and I’m drawn by the challenge of getting out of my comfort zone and bringing different things together,” Di Longley says. This simple... More

Gavin Malone

Boots and all Gavin Malone: In the Footsteps of Stuart 
In 2005 Adelaide-based artist Gavin Malone presented an exhibition In the Footsteps of Stuart at the South Australian Museum. The... More

Nick Mount

Nick Mount is the seventh practitioner to be designated a Living Treasure: Masters of Australian Craft – an initiative in 2005 of Object: Australian Centre for Craft and Design. The series... More

Roy Ananda

Banana skins: proceed with caution Roy often appears in thrall to a creature without name or essential form, subjugated to its whims and desires, like Ulysses straining at his bonds with the... More

Marijana Tadić

Sculptor, public artist, designer   Christine Nicholls   Australian sculptor Marijana Tadić grew up in a house alongside the banks of the River Sava, in Brcko, Bosnia-Herzegovina, in the... More

Stephen Bowers

Ceramic artistby John Neylon   The ceramic art of Stephen Bowers, with its complex surfaces and the capriccios being acted out upon them, issues an irresistible invitation to look closer. Whether... More

Leslie Matthews

Contemporary jeweller and object maker by Christine Nicholls   Leslie Matthews has always been drawn to and fascinated by visual art. As a child and teenager she spent a lot of time drawing.... More

Adrian Potter

Furniture designer/maker, woodworker, conceptual artist Written by Dr Christine Nicholls   Born in Melbourne in 1968, Adrian Potter is a conceptual artist and product designer who makes work... More

Julie Blyfield

Jeweller Written by Wendy Walker   In 2007, jeweller/metalsmith Julie Blyfield became the first Australian jeweller to have her work – specifically two Paris Collection brooches from her... More

Nici Cumpston

PhotographerWritten by Dr Christine Nicholls Born in Adelaide in 1963, Nici Cumpston, who is of Afghan, English, Irish and Barkindji (also spelled Paakantji) Aboriginal heritage, is a descendant... More

Sun-Woong Bang

Jeweller by Roy Ananda   Though only recently graduated, Adelaide artist Sun-Woong Bang is generating remarkable momentum in both his studio practice and career. The emerging jeweller has... More

Wendy Fairclough

Glass Artist Written by Roy Ananda   The work of Wendy Fairclough results from a surprising junction of influences and approaches. Drawn primarily to the genre of still life, Fairclough has... More

Chris Ormerod

Sculptor Written by Sera Waters   After a relatively short four years in the arts, Chris Ormerod admits to some trouble calling himself an ‘artist’ and a similar reluctance with the title... More