Catapult Mentorships

Image: Sandra Saunders “They came like a Tsunami” 2017, image courtesy Ku Arts


Catapult aims to provide creative professionals with essential funding and support to further develop artistic practice over a 6-8-month mentorship. We encourage applications with ambition, and where appropriate, with national or international mentors in mind. Guildhouse can provide support in approaching a mentor suited to an artists practice and mentorship outcomes.

As the peak membership body for artists in South Australia, Guildhouse engages and supports artists with creative and career development programs such as Australian and international residencies, mentorships, one-on-one advice, tailored business skill development, network development and exhibition opportunities.

“Whilst achieving all my intended goals I also gained significant experiences that I had not foreseen”
Rebecca McEwan, Guildhouse mentorship program participant, 2018 






The Catapult + TARNANTHI Recipients 2018

DAMIEN SHENGlenn Iseger-Pilkington



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 $10K x 1 mentee / mentor

CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS / Johannes Sistermanns (Germany)

$5K x 8 mentees / mentors

BRIDGET CURRIE / Tamara Hardman

KASPAR SCHMIDT MUMM / Darren O’Donnell (Canada)

JANE SKEER /Richard Lewer (Melbourne)

BRIANNA SPEIGHT / Mish Grigor (Melbourne)

GAIL HOCKING / Sasha Grbich 

LARA TILBROOK / Sera Waters 

LESA FARRANT / Irianna Kanellopoulou (Melbourne)

CINDY DURANT / Regine Schwarzer


Guildhouse is excited to announce a new three-year career development mentorship program for South Australian artists, craftspeople and designers, generously funded by visionary philanthropic organisation, The Ian Potter Foundation.

The program, aptly titled Catapult, will provide creative professionals with essential funding and support to allow them to further develop their careers through a 6 to 8 month funded mentorship.

Catapult will offer 23 funded mentorships over three years, including 20 mentorships at $5,000 and three $10,000 mentorship opportunities for more established artists.

The project also includes an important research study in partnership with the University of South Australia to examine the impact of mentorships on artistic careers over time.

The program will have a strong focus on regional artists, both as mentees and mentors, and Guildhouse is partnering with Country Arts South Australia to support regional artists to be involved. The Government of South Australia is also contributing to this initiative.


Image: Christopher Williams, Manifesto, 2018