The Collections Project: Gail Hocking

October 2018

Gail Hocking works across sculpture, installation, site-specific works and new media. Through an exploration of a transient state of being, she observes the transient state of matter and investigates... More

Billie Justice Thomson

July 2018

Billie Justice Thomson is a painter and illustrator who regularly undertakes editorial commissions for magazines, books and restaurants. Her own body of work reflects her nostalgic relationship with... More

The Collections Project: Heidi Kenyon

June 2018

Santos Museum of Economic Botany 18 June - 29 July 2018 Heidi Kenyon’s contemporary sculpture and installation practice is motivated by the curious complexities and stories embedded within... More

Carolyn Corletto at Guildhouse

June 2018

It's Alive!: investigating the not-so-still life of objects SALA Festival  15 June – 17 August Carolyn Corletto’s sculptural work harnesses the everyday object, which have been freed... More

Sahr Bashir

May 2018

Sahr will lead two workshops that investigate how the objects we acquire, wear or carry with us create a sense of home, connectedness and familiarity. By reflecting on the relationships to physical... More