50 for 50: Double the love

Wed 25 March 2015

There are many investments required on the path to a sustainable career in the cultural sector and funding opportunities are extremely competitive — and limited in their scope and flexibility. Creative professionals generally need to work across multiple sectors, have irregular, low-income streams and don’t fit into the conventional mould of a successful loan candidate.  

On behalf of Guildhouse Members, Board Members and staff we would like to thank those who generously donated to our fundraising program 50 for 50: Double the Love.

We have raised over $70,000 from our generous community that will be matched by Creative Partnerships Australia and will be the start up funds for our new interest free loan service for creative professionals.


These perpetual funds will be loaned to support creative professionals realise a creative opportunity. As the funds are repaid they will be available for other creative professionals to loan and expand their practice too. The value of these donations will continue to multiply and will benefit many individuals to develop sustainable careers.

Applications to access this interest free loan service will be available via the Guildhouse website later this year.



Hear more from creative professionals about the benefits of an interest free loan scheme.

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