The Collections Project: Chris De Rosa

Fri 26 February 2016

Image Credit: Chris De Rosa, Florilegia,  2016, (detail in progress), installation, digital inkjet, pigment stain, collage, wood, lino. 3.5m (w) x 2.4m (h). Photographer Kate Elms.

During a 3 month residency at the City Library, artist Chris De Rosa delved into the vast Adelaide City Council Archive and the City Library’s History Hub collections researching the way flora is used in commemorative and celebratory displays, and the impressions they leave on the general public by engaging with the community at City Library. Chris explored the Parklands social history, the way the parks and planting reflect the dreams and aspirations of society.

Although these [flower] displays were symbolic they were also highly aesthetic and can be viewed as meaningful or just as importantly, for their beauty. In some way they also seem to play a part in ‘feminising’ the public space.


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