The Collections Project: James Tylor

Thu 01 March 2018

James Tylor, Un-resettling, 2017, photographs, mural and Kaurna cultural objects, 3m x 3m.

James Tylor’s art practice explores Australian history and his Aboriginal (Kaurna), Māori (Te Arawa) and European Australian cultural heritage through photography, drawing, painting, sculpture and installation. His work focuses largely on the 19th century history of Australia and its continual effect on present day issues surrounding cultural identity in Australia.

James’ research will focus on Flinders University Art Museum’s Indigenous and Australian Art collections through which he intends to develop an understanding of the significant works in the collection that highlight Australia’s rich 60,000 year human history.

The outcome of James’ project will be exhibited at Flinders University’s Bedford Campus in August and September 2018.

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