Folio: ABC-D'art

“Living life with creativity is inspirational, it provides a drive and highlights the senses for the new. I step into my studio knowing nothing will be the same ever again. To bring thoughts into reality is inspirational, for me sculpture is the art of the intelligence.”

ABC-D’art forms part of ABC Advanced Building Constructions PL
Image: ABC-D’art sculpture, 2018.

Folio: Tom Phillips

Adelaide born Tom Phillips considers himself a “paint brush warrior”. As a young man, he saw a documentary about Sidney Nolan that first inspired him to pursue art. Later, he became besotted with Francis Bacon at art school and decided to become a figurative painter. The result is a bold and daring style that speaks for itself. He holds nothing back, depicting human struggle with an unflinching rawness.

Image: Tom Phillips, ‘Man with Black Dog 8’ (detail), 2016, Oil on Canvas.

Folio: Stephanie James-Manttan

Stephanie James-Manttan’s sculptural porcelain works are studies in light and balance. Her vessels evolve on the pottery wheel. Indenting the surface while wet, she transforms them into translucent, textural forms that have a soft woven-like characteristic.

Image: Stephani James-Manttan, ‘Large Remark Vessel and Remark Beakers’, 2012, Porcelain. Photograph Michael Hains (Kevin Killy Photographic)

Folio: Regine Schwarzer

Regine Schwarzer’s work is a continual exploration of the possibilities offered by engaging with minerals and rocks in cut and uncut form. She also interprets the crystalline structure of these earthy materials through various metal constructions. By designing and constructing both jewellery and objects that reference and use gems and minerals she investigates the term precious as it is often attributed to certain materials.

Image: Regine Schwarzer, ‘Making Manifest series’, 2008, Brooches, fossilized coral, aventutine, quartz, chabazite in basalt, chrysoprase, rubellite, sterling silver, 24ct gold. Photograph Grant Hancock. (private collection)

Folio: Sue Ninham

Through exploration of expressive, experimental techniques and processes, Sue Ninham’s work has evolved to include collage, oil on canvas, watercolour and more recently textiles.

Image: Sue Ninham, ‘Beacon To The Left’, 2019. Mised media collage. Image courtesy the artist.

Folio: Cynthia Schwertsik

Cynthia started her career as a dancer and performer in Austria, in the initial days of contemporary dance’s establishment, costume and set-design followed as a matter of course. Her primary interest lies in movement and dialogue. Much of her work responds to everyday elements and the attitude derived from embracing the wonders and beauty of mundane experience, the daily chores of parenting and the ever challenging task of making sense of life the universe and everything.

Image: Cynthia Schwertsik, ‘UTE-ilitarian’, 2019. Photograph Jennifer Hofmann

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Maarten Daudeij, (Raising the) White Flag , 2010, 6 x 2 x 0.3 m (approx), fabric, wooden pole, various components from the Palmer Sculpture Biennial 4 2010. Photograph Mal Wass. Image courtesy the artist.

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Ray Harris, On the tip of my tongue, 2018, HD digital video still. The Collections Project Ray Harris The Guildhouse Collections Project with Flinders University Museum of Art (FUMA) 20 July – 18 September 2020 Ray Harris is a South Australian artist whose visual...

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