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Michael Kutschbach, fuliguline (HD digital video still), 2020. Photograph courtesy the artist.

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My art practice is forever changing and I need to be willing to follow and learn from these experiences provided, including staying up to date with technology. Establishing an art career is a lonely road and to have a mentor that is willing to share their own skills of the trade with us is invaluable and I am very grateful for what I have learnt through this tech training!

Jane Skeer

reVision Tech Mentee

Guildhouse has been very supportive, professional and generous. I am a new member and I am very impressed with Guildhouse and the benefits and opportunities that membership has delivered.

David Pedler

reVision Tech Mentee

Two people stand in front of a window, looking directly at the photographer. Next to them is a colourful mural of a rodent looking animal with a human like body

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