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Nazli Jianfar, Untitled Isolation. Photograph Grant Hancock.

Artists enrich our world. Guildhouse supports visual artists, craftspeople & designers to build and maintain sustainable careers. We nurture and extend art practice and business development, open professional opportunities, markets and networks.

We’ve been quietly doing this work for over 50 years.  We need your help to do more.

Your gift gives artists choices.

Your gift will subside access to one of our in-demand programs and services, helping an artist get on with the business of making art.

You can contribute at any level; all are essential services which help an artist to further their career.  All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.

With each meeting I have taken away new skills and ideas that I have integrated into my practice and seen immediate benefit.

Naomi Stanley

LimberUp Mentee, 2017.

I have discovered an appetite and an aptitude for archival and historical research and have broadened my vision and scope (on the steepest of learning curves) to encounter a range of disciplines.

Lisa Harms

LimberUp Mentee, 2016.

A group of people sit with notepads all looking to the right of the image, listening to and watching a speaker

Professional Development

Sponsor an artist to attend an INFORM session to build their business skills.

Two people sit at a table with tea, with one booklet open, and another on top closed

One-on-one Advice

Provide an artist with a one-on-one advice session with an industry expert.

Person stands in front of a crowd of several other individuals in a warehouse environment, appears to be giving a speech

Skills Development Workshop

Sponsor an artist to attend a tailored skills workshop.

Man crouches next to a pink object he is unwrapping

Interest Free Loans

Contribute to our perpetual Microfinance fund supporting artists to build their practice.

Detail of Michelle Kelly's 'Growth'

Critical Writing

Commission a writer to produce a critical article on a practicing artist or exhibition.

Two people stand in front of a window, looking directly at the photographer. Next to them is a colourful mural of a rodent looking animal with a human like body

6 Month Funded Mentorship

Sponsor an artist to attend a tailored skills workshop.