Creative Visionaries

A transformative and lasting impact
The Guildhouse Creative Visionaries are a new group of leading benefactors who will contribute significantly to Guildhouse’s strategic initiatives.

Recognising Guildhouse’s vital work in supporting artistic development, a Creative Visionary understands the importance of community working together to strengthen connections between people and places.

Guildhouse Creative Visionaries can be individuals, foundations and corporations and will contribute a minimum pledge of $10,000 per annum over three years.

Your donation is 100% tax deductible. 

For over 57 years, Guildhouse has led a bold and diverse visual art, craft and design sector that positions artists at its core. With your backing, artists can take creative risks, extend their skills, deepen their understanding, achieve sustainability, and strive for excellence. 

We need your support in contributing to our core purpose and help us to forge ahead with our vital work in artistic development. In return, the doors will open to an incredible world of creative expression and talent as we offer you the key to Guildhouse. 

To find out more about the Guildhouse Creative Visionaries donor circle contact
Sarah Feijen, CEO on (08) 8410 1822 or