Banner image: ART WORKS Artist in Residence Jasmine Dixon. Photograph Sam Roberts.

Accredited Membership:

$290 p/yr*

Be a part of one of Australia’s largest peak body for visual arts, craft and design.

Perfect for artists, craftspeople, designers, curators, arts workers and installers, Guildhouse offers significantly discounted insurance as well as all the benefits of being a Guildhouse Member. Applications are reviewed twice a month and require demonstrable experience in your field by supplying an artist statement, bio, CV and 8 high-quality images of your work. If you are renewing please update your details as required.

*Additional Premiums (see below):

  • Kiln use (as an in-person activity) + $84
  • Open flame use + $106
Accredited Membership Includes:

Tailor-made Insurance package:

  • Public liability – $20,000,000
  • Products liability – $20,000,000
  • Professional liability – $5,000,000
  • Property in physical and legal control – $250,000
  • Tenants liability – $10,000,000
  • Personal accident – up to $1,000 per week

    + Benefits:

    Application Deadlines

    Please be aware that we review applications for Accredited Memberships twice every month.

    Our upcoming 2024 Membership Deadlines are:

    Tuesday 16 & 30 January

    Tuesday 13 & 27  February

    Tuesday 12 & 26 March 

    Tuesday 9 & 30 April

    Tuesday 14 & 28 April

    Tuesday 11 & 25 June 

    Tuesday 9 & 30 July

    Tuesday 13 & 27 August

    Tuesday 10 & 24 September

    Tuesday 15 & 29 October

    Tuesday 12 & 26 November

    December: There is no application round in December. Fast Track applications only.

    To have your application processed ASAP  you can Fast Track for a $20.00 administrative. This can be paid online when applying or renewing your membership. Call 08 8410 1822 if you have any questions at all.

    Application Requirements

    The following documents are required as part of your application:

    • A Professional Artist Statement: You should outline your influences, inspirations, material details and subject matter.(300 words)
    • A professional Bio: A summarise your formal qualifications, professional experience and/or significant career highlights. (300 words)
    • An Artistic CV / Resume: Please upload a PDF of your CV / Resume pertaining to your practice. For assistance with your CV/Resume we have an Artist Toolkit which you can find here.
    • 8 Images of your work: Images should be of a high quality and should illustrate the breadth of your selected practice. Images should only be a maximum 2MB in size.
    It important to notify Guildhouse of your practice type in the applicaiton if you are an:
    • Work at Heights between 5-15 metres
    • Work with Open Flames
    • Use Kilns
    • Installer
    • Curator
    • Administrator
    • Conservator
    Payment Options

    We are committed to making it as flexible as possible for you to manage your Guildhouse membership.

    Your Accredited membership fee can be paid in instalments through our online portal:

    • Option 1: Pay in full
    • Option 2: Pay 50% membership fee and then pay monthly
    • Option 3: Pay every 3 months

    As of May 2023, there are new premiums for kiln and open flame use in addition to the Guildhouse Accredited Membership. The premiums for these practices are:

    If you use kilns or an open flame in your practice an additional premium must be paid after you have completed your Accredited Membership application.

    Due to the nature of insurance coverage, Accredited Membership payments have to be honoured for a full year if an instalment option is selected. Failure to declare the use of kilns or an open flame when used in practice can result in rejected claims and voiding of coverage. Please contact us if you have any questions at

    Policy Wording

    Public and Product Liability – Summary of Terms (September 2023)

    Personal Accident – Summary of Terms (September 2023)

    Victor Insurance Broadform Liability Insurance Policy

    AHI Personal Accident and Injury Policy

    JTL Terms of Engagement Guide

    Please contact LCIS if you require further clarification on excluded items on 1300 853 800 or If you require a Certificate of Currency please email

    Guildhouse Terms and Conditions for all memberships can be found here

    If you require a Certificate of Currency please email

    If you require to change your membership to Community please send us an email.

    As of May 2023, there are new premiums for kiln and open flame use in addition to the Guildhouse Accredited Membership. If you use kilns or an open flame an additional premium must be paid after your online Accredited Membership payment by clicking the button below. 

    If you undertake both premium activities, please add only the open flame premium.