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Neville Cichon, A Line Has Been Drawn, 2016, 28 x 24 cm. Photograph Neville Cichon.

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

UMOONA – Art From Umoona and Cooper Pedy

Umoona Art Centre and The APY Art Centre Collective
30 September – 10 October
The inaugural exhibition for the artists from the Umoona Art Centre, Coober Pedy.

The APY Gallery

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains


Fruzsi Kenez
9 September – 8 October

Kenez’s most recent body of work explores the complexities of navigating personal and cultural histories in the construction of one’s identity.

Through the many faces and stories of her humanoid ceramic sculptures she seeks to ask one simple question: Who gets to be Australian?

Nexus Arts

Adelaide Australia

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Bee-stung Lips

Barbara Hanrahan
26 July – 1 October

Bee-stung lips is the first major survey exhibition of Barbara Hanrahan’s prolific 30-year printmaking career that was set in motion in 1960 and ended with her untimely death at the age of 52. Characterised by playfully complex narratives that draw on both personal experience and fantasy, her works are fearlessly direct and unashamedly decorative in style.

Flinders University Museum of Art
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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

BIOPIC or Charles Geneviève Louis Auguste André Timothée

23 April – 1 October

Samstag presents the world premiere of a newly commissioned work by Madison Bycroft. BIOPIC or Charles Geneviève Louis Auguste André Timothée has been commissioned by Samstag in partnership with the South Australian Film Corporation and SALA Festival. Bycroft’s ambitious project exemplifies our ongoing commitment to supporting the creation of significant screen-based works and the presentation of new work for South Australian audiences.

Samstag Museum
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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Alex Martinis Roe: To Become Two

23 April – 1 October

Samstag scholar Alex Martinis Roe brings her expansive exhibition to Samstag. Since 2014, Martinis Roe has been tracing feminist genealogies and the emergence of feminist political practices in Western Europe and Australia from the 1970s until today; from France to Italy and Spain, to Australia and the Netherlands. Across six film installations, Martinis Roe narrates histories specific to their locations, the communities and their stories selected for their interconnections and their distinctive practices, which developed the concept ‘sexual difference’ and the current field of ‘feminist new materialism,’ exploring this social history of ideas and the forms of political action that both come from and underpin it.

Samstag Museum
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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains


20 August – 17 October

If private experiences are different kinds of natural landscapes for each person, then when each person goes out of his or her own “natural landscape,” they will probably have those inspirations and experiences of private experiences attached to them unconsciously. However, if we make a metaphor of these private inspirations and experiences to a figurative plant, it should be the “cockleburs” that often grows on plains, hills, low mountains, wilderness roadsides, and fieldsides, and easily adheres to pedestrians and animals. When we talk about the creation of private experiences, we are talking about the “cockleburs” that the “natural landscape” sends to the creators. And when artists go out to live and create, we, as viewers, can glimpse the “cockleburs” hanging on them through their works.

Rabbit Hutch Photography
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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains


Sue Garrard and Ellen Schlobohm
1 October – 19 November

‘Immersion’ presents a reflection by artists Sue Garrard and Ellen Schlobohm of their time spent together at ComPeung, Thailand, as part of an art residency. This exhibition considers their experience making art in a dramatically different physical and cultural landscape. Drawing on the intricate patterns and vivid colours of the region, Sue and Ellen present a vibrant body of work for viewers to become immersed in.

6 Manton Gallery
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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Still – Water
Alison Mitchell

1 August – 30 September

‘This, my second exhibition at the Hahndorf Academy, follows on from a long and dusty summer and the trepidations of Covid. It was in fact a surprise to find the garden producing such lush abundance. Which is, like everything living, mostly water. So my attention turned to this and the vessels that contain, restrain, divide and dispense. This, and the anomaly of the dry landscape around me, the creeks that have silted and the rivers run dry.’ – Alison Mitchell

Hahndorf Academy
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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Just Add Water
Fran Callen

1 August – 30 September

Just Add Water is a response to my Country Arts residency to Grindell’s Hut in Adnyamathanha Country 2019. Observations of the effects of four years without rain. Of the jewels of living things that manage to survive still. Of learning from local Adnyamathanha Elders and Rangers about the flora and fauna, and from a scientist from Deakin University about the incredible adaptability of Idthi, the Zebra Finch, who sing to their eggs a different song in hot arid conditions so the chicks develop differently and better adapt to drought. Learning from my dad about the geology of the area and the fascinating connections between drawing and geology. And the generous gift of ochre from Yalmarralpana Ochre Pit from Uncle Cliff Coulthard.’ – Fran Callen

Hahndorf Academy
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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

The Scattering of Leaves Exhibition & Concerts
Therese & Christopher Williams

1 August – 15 October

The Scattering of Leaves is an ephemeral, intangible, time-based exhibition inspired by the light and sound on display in the Carrick Hill grounds and gardens. During their residency at Carrick Hill Therese and Christopher developed a series of video and sound works.

In additon to the exhibition Therese will be presenting art workshops while Christopher will be conducting sound walks. Christopher has also developed graphic scores for a series of four new music concerts to be presented in the Great Hall with the participation of Derek Pascoe (saxophone), Hilary Kleinig (cello), and Gabriella Smart (synthesizers) adding theremin, kalimba and rainstick himself.

Carrick Hill

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains


24 September – 20 November

This project critically examines our relationship to water from the situation of the driest state on the driest continent on earth, in a nation deeply under the spell of extractive industries. WATER RITES positions water as a non-human agent through an array of vessels and acts, giving voice to water, its rhythms, needs and desires.

Guest curated by Danni Zuvela, WATER RITES will be presented at ACE Open and is supported by public programs that run from July to November 2021 across public sites in Adelaide and further afield in South Australia.

WATER RITES is presented as part of Tarnanthi: Festival of Contemporary Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Art.

ACE Open

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Tarnanthi Residency at The Mill: Lilla Berry, STRNG WMN

27 September – 29 October

Lilla’s exhibition celebrates her relationships with her community, through practicing dance, footy, weaving and the act of coming together. She has also collaborated with strong women, including Pearl Berry, Iteka Ukarla, Carly Tarkari Dodd, Mali Isobel, Amber Ahang and Kirsty Williams.

“STRNG WMN will explore what it means to be strong Aboriginal women. Including culturally, physically and mentally. I have always been surrounded by strong women growing up, I was raised by a single mother, and as an athlete all of my team mates were strong women, being strong role models,” Lilla says.


The Mill

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains


Laura Wills
2 September – 2 October

These works form part of an ongoing investigation with Kangaroo Island. They explore relationship to place. A landscape post fires, observed epicormic growth of trees and strong plants that have been in the soil waiting for smoke activation to grow. The drawings speak of perception, looking at seeds, trees, leaves, soil, all changing with time, season, fire etc. What is their story and how does it relate to my own?

Hugo Michell Gallery
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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

The Wide Open Spaces

Margie Sheppard, Nick Dridan, Alex Frayne
30 September – 23 October

Wide open spaces are evoked in quite different ways by the artists in this exhibition. Nick Dridan is directly inspired by the surrounding environment of his farm in Central Victoria, the paintings depicting the shapes and forms, the views and wide vistas of his immediate landscape. In the Peramangk land of the Adelaide Hills, Alex Frayne’s photographs take us into the dreamlike worlds created by familiar winter weather as it pervades the scrub, trees and winterscapes of that region. Margie Sheppard’s abstract paintings evoke a sense of the wide, open and spacious, without any particular reference to landscape.

West Gallery Thebarton
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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Suzie Lockery

1 August – 30 September

Suzie Lockery is an Adelaide based, multidisciplinary artist working across the fields of drawing, painting, printmaking and installation. She considers her art practice to be a meditative process that provides a site for personal cogitation and reconnection, especially amid our hyperconnected existence.

Through the application of intricate line work and spatial bands of layered colour, Suzie creates an inherently topographic visual language with the intention to convey a sense of transience within her work; reflective of our constant shifting physical and metaphysical ‘landscape’.

Hahndorf Academy
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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Rethinking Australian Art


Highlighting the complex changes that occured in Australian art after the second world war.

This series of displays highlights the complex and radical changes that occurred in Australian art after the Second World War, including the revelation of Aboriginal art, the Feminist art movement and the rise of conceptual art and post modernism.

This rehang challenges preconceptions of art in Australia as being isolated or singular. To borrow the words of art historian Ian McLean, the re-presentation of the collection ‘examine the place of Australia in the world and the world in Australia’.

Art Gallery of South Australia
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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

It’s Complicated

February – November

Dynamic Interconnectedness. It’s complicated.

Actually, it’s complex.

Problems in complex systems are trickier to solve. Even well-thought out solutions can have unexpected and unintended consequences. Like trying to wipe out malaria but ending up with parachuting cats.

Join us to raise a Tamagotchi-inspired octopus, build robots and hack the immune system. IT’S COMPLICATED pulls back the curtain on the seemingly simple and reveals just how complicated, and complex, the world can be.


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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Links, Loops & Crossovers

7 August – 5 October

An exhibition of contemporary craft by South Australian makers, Links Loops & Crossovers observes relations between six artists’ work, as well as literal links and loops used to create limited edition pieces.

Exhibitors: Danielle Barrie, Mirjana Dobson, Lesa Farrant, Anja Jagsch, Frances Rogers, Leonie Westbrook.

JamFactory Adelaide
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What’s On

A person stands in front of a colourful work of art

Nature Festival

25 September – 4 October

A new festival for South Australia! With over two hundred events for all ages, the Nature Festival is back for our second year and full of creative ways to connect with nature and each other. Featuring, family events, arts and culture, Food and wine, Aboriginal culture and an array of talks.


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A person stands in front of a colourful work of art

ON ART podcasts
by Samstag Museum

Samstag will be focusing their efforts on digital channels for the time being and will continue to share their exhibitions with you through their Publications & Podcasts.

Expereince their ON ART podcast series of talks and discussions that follow the lead of contemporary art.

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Magnum: Quarantine Conversations

A new video series, Quarantine Conversations, will see two randomly selected Magnum photographers engaging in unedited dialogue about work, current affairs and everything in-between. For the first episode, Rafal Milach and Newsha Tavakolian discuss guilt, dreams, and seeing yourself in the other, as well as Tavakolian’s new project. Magnum will be uploading new work by their photographers on their Instagram feed; a talk with Martin Parr will also be live-streamed on 03 April 2020 at 16:00 GMT.

Watch video series here

A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Learn online with AFTRS

AFTRS offers a range of online courses developed and delivered by top industry practitioners.

They combine the latest in industry-relevant contemporary practice and theory into all our coursework. You will walk away with skills and knowledge that can be immediately applied, and return to update and renew as needed.

The AFTRS course catalogue supports all levels of development, from introductory skills for beginners right through to advanced development for industry practitioners wanting to sharpen their skills or take on new ones.

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

ICP presents: Photography from Isolation to Communication

The International Centre of Photography (ICP) in New York is offering a program of lectures by international experts including Elinor Carucci, Ben Gest and David Campany. Topics covered include how to turn your personal life into an editorial assignment, photobook editing, and digital post-processing. Each speaker will be delivering a series of three lectures, priced at $35 and delivered via Zoom.

Virtual lectures here
A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Watch live-performances at the Tate in London

Congolese choreographer and dancer Faustin Linyekula had already travelled to London when his show at Tate Modern was cancelled due to coronavirus. He made the most of it though, and filmed his performance in the moody, empty mid-century industrial gallery with fellow performers who had also made it to London for the show. Each of the Tate’s four galleries (the Britain and Modern in London, Tate Liverpool and Tate St Ives) also displays works online, and there’s a series of videos, podcasts and online classes to keep you going between visits.

A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Textile Art with Cheryl Bridgart | Colour In Your Life

Textile art and fine art freestyle machine embroidery with textile artist Cheryl Bridgart Join Cheryl in her studio as she demonstrates her incredible freestyle embroidery technique. Textile art techniques and tutorial for beginners or artists of all ages and skills.

In this fine art TV show episode Cheryl Bridgart is interviewed by Colour In Your Life. In this episode Cheryl Bridgart demonstrates machine embroidery and textile art creating a fantasy abstract portrait. Cheryl’s extraordinary talent and imagination for freehand embroidery is utterly mesmerising. Watch as she shares her tips for creating beautiful textile art on a freestyle sewing machine.

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

David Zwirner: Dialogues

With Covid-19 causing the temporary closure of its physical galleries, David Zwirner has expanded its digital presence. This includes its podcast series Dialogues, for which several makers or thinkers are invited to discuss how art shapes, elevates and shifts our experience. Lauded as one of the best visual art podcasts by the Financial Times, the series enters its third season with an exciting group of artists, writers, curators, and editors. New discussions will be airing every other Wednesday, with upcoming episodes including a conversation between photographer Tyler Mitchell and writer, curator, and cultural critic Antwaun Argent. Current, and past, exhibitions are also accessible via David Zwirner’s online viewing rooms, including Wolfgang Tillman’s Blushes #76.

Podcast series here
A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Hughes Gallery 2022 Exhibition Callout

Established and emerging artists in all media are invited to submit applications for the 2022 exhibition program.

The Hughes Gallery Exhibition Program provides opportunities for artists to promote their work and to enrich the visual art experience of the surrounding communities. Artists are welcome to contact the gallery to discuss their exhibition proposals. Applications can be made for solo or group exhibitions.

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

SALA Podcast

The SALA Podcast aims to engage South Australian visual artists and arts industry professionals in interviews about their arts practice and creative lives, and in discussion about topics relevant to the arts. The SALA Podcast is available wherever you get your podcasts.

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Listening Pleasures
From the Adelaide Festival

AF Concert Recordings
Thanks to our friends at ABC Classic, you can listen to some of the exceptional concerts from our 2020 Festival online:

UKARIA Chamber Landscapes
The Heath Quartet perform a beautiful program of Beethoven and Tippett.
Acclaimed violinist, Anthony Marwood was joined by cellist Timo-Veikko Valve, and pianist Stefan Cassomenos for an electrifying concert of Beethoven and Shostakovich in One Among Many.
Chamber Landscape’s curator and harpist, Marshall McGuire and his ensemble Ludovico’s band were joined by soloists soprano Bethany Hill and oboist Ben Opie for a program showcasing works by female composers for The Female Voice.

150 Psalms:
A Celebration of Life – performed by Netherlands Chamber Choir with The Norwegian Soloists’ Choir, The Tallis Scolars and The Song Company, conducted by Peter Dijkstra

Berlin Philharmonic Digital Concert Hall
The Berlin Phil have made their extraordinary digtial archive of live-recordings and movies free for everyone. Just redeem voucher code BERLINPHIL and receive free access – time to indulge!

A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

The Mill – Expressions of interest Exhibition Space 2022

Thinking about exhibiting in 2022? Interested in collaboration?

For The Mill’s 2022 Exhibition Space Program we have a particular focus on collaborative projects and are seeking applications from duos and small groups who work in collaborative ways.

Selection critera:
– Focus on collaboration and interdisciplinary connection
– Accessibility for a diverse audience
– Exhibitions and proposals that engage existing and new audiences
– Viability and suitability of the proposed exhibition
– Professional and artistic merit

Applications are due on Friday, September 24 at 5pm. Got a question or need assistance? Email The Mill’s Visual Arts Curator Adele Sliuzas, visualarts@themilladelaide.com


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Workshops & Training

Blacksmithing Day

The day will begin with a project in order to get everyone familiar with the forge, then a self directed project after that, time allowing. $30 cash paid on the day with 8 – 10 participants per session.

17 October,
9:45 am – 3pm

Penfield Forge

Please contact Vanessa at vanesaaraewilliams@gmail.com.au for more infomation.

Six Week Screenprinting Course

Learn the skills to produce your own multi layer screen print. All materials provided and no experiance needed


– UV Exposure
– Digital Imaging
– Paper Stencils
– Multi Layer Printing
– Registering
– Editioning

Beginning 7 October,
Thursday Nights 6 -9

Tooth and Nail
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Union St Printmakers:

Ongoing workshops in hand printmaking processes – lino, drypoint, mono printing, etching, screenprinting, Japanese woodblock, etc – latest dates and more here: www.unionstprintmakers.com/workshops

  • Abstract Fundamentals with Watercolour – 1 day workshop with Sue Ninham – Sat 2 October 2021, 10.30am-4.30pm – price TBA – email to book your spot.

Adelaide Central School of Art Term 4 Short Course Program

Drawing Courses
  • Drawing Fundamentals (Sat am) 9 Oct – 13 Nov
  • Drawing Fundamental (Mon pm) 27 Sep – 8 Nov
  • Beyond Drawing Fundamentals 9 Oct – 13 Nov
  • Portraits & Identity 27 Sep – 8 Nov
  • Anatomy in Portraiture 27 Sep – 8 Nov
Painting Courses
  • Oil Painting Fundamentals (Sat am) 9 Oct – 13 Nov
  • Oil Painting Fundamentals (Sat pm) 9 Oct – 13 Nov
  • Watercolours – Animals & People 9 Oct – 13 Nov
  • Techniques of the Old Masters 9 Oct – 13 Nov
  • Portrait as Narrative 9 Oct – 13 Nov
Teen Courses
  • Teen Drawing Fundamentals: Imaginative Worlds 12 Oct – 13 Nov
  • Teen Drawing Advanced: Real & Surreal 11 OCt – 22 Nov
  • Teen Sculpture: Fantasy & Science Fiction 11 Oct – 15 Nov

Adelaide Central School of Art
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JamFactory Short Courses

Ceramics Workshops: Get hands on in our 7 week Beginners Wheel Throwing and Hand Building short courses or expand your repertoire with our Intermediate Classes and Introduction to Glaze Development. Learn from the very best skilled tutors in our fully equipped ceramics studio.

Jewellery Workshops: Over 7 weeks, learn the basics in Introduction to Silver Jewellery, build on your skills in our Level 2 class or take your practice to the next level with Tutored Bench Access, Lost Wax Casting and Stone Setting.

Individual Glass Blowing: Experience an intensive one-on-one session in the glass studio,learn traditional glass blowing skills in gathering, forming and design to make your own glass piece.


Australian Tappestry Workshop

The Australian Tapestry Workshop is excited to share with you a range of online content to fuel your creativity from the comfort of your own home.

Be inspired by our Artist + Weaver talks and International Speaker Series or hone your skills via our online classes, for both adults and children.

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Studio Space + Equipment


Want to join the Praxis Artspace Studios? Do you know a creative who needs studio space?

Located within the vibrant Bowden precinct, Praxis Artspace Studios was established in January 2019. Sitting adjacent to Praxis Artspace Gallery, this creative hub is focused on supporting a diverse range of artistic talent through its studios and exhibition program.

The Praxis Artspace Studios encourages an effective teamwork environment, and provides the opportunity for artists to experiment, play and take risks developing new work, within a stimulating environment of practicing artists.

Their studios include:

  • Wifi
  • 24-hour access
  • Communal area, including kitchenette, toilet and shower
  • Onsite parking
  • Proximity to public transport and shops

A studio at Praxis Artspace represents an opportunity for an artist to base their practice within a vibrant, and supportive artistic community; allowing for meaningful career and skills development, inspiration, and networking.

George Street Studios
36 George St, Thebarton SA

Studio space is currently available and suitable for artists, designer makers and artisans working across furniture, sculpture and mixed medium. We welcome expressions of interest from artists and makers at all career levels. Younger and emerging artists are encouraged and will be offered access to learn from experienced practitioners.

For further details or to organise a visit please contact Tony Rosella: 0402 114 702

Mixed Goods

Mixed Goods studios is a multidisciplinary shared studio space only 15 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD. We are currently looking for studio tenants and have spaces available ranging from 11m2 to 27m2, there are sizes to suit a variety of creative disciplines and practices.

Mixed Goods was set up as a dynamic craft & design hub offering independent studio spaces to artists, creatives, and design professionals. Our aim is to have a hybridised studio collective with a mixed set of skills made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds and at various stages of their practices.

Current studio tennants:
  • Andrew Carvolth – Furniture & object
  • Dean Toepfer – Furniture, lighting & object
  • Kerryn Levy – Ceramics
  • Luca Lettieri – Object & sculpture
  • Danielle Barrie – Jewellery

For more information or to apply for a studio please get in contact with Dean Toepfer and Andrew Carvolth at: studios@mixedgoods.com.au

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Gate 8

Gate 8 Workshop have short to mid term project spaces available.

They have different spaces and equipment available depending on your project with prices starting from $85 per week (exGST and outgoings).

Send them an email about you and your project through to Jess Loughlin: jessloughlin@internode.on.et

or for more info visit: gate8@internode.on.net

Artisans’ Vise
Shared studio/workshop facility
1/5 Waverley Ave, Edwardstown

“Artisans Vise is a makers dream space”

They have room for more designer/makers in their collegial, extensive factory.

They are ideally located in an established industrial area close to suppliers and manufacturers at 1/5 Waverley Ave Edwardstown

Access to workspace and a professional range of woodworking and metal equipment is available.

Current members are Gray Hawk, Andrew Bartlett, Taku Kamikawa and James Howe.

For further information please contact Gray Hawk

M: 04 1142 1713

The Mill Adelaide

Situated in the heart of the Adelaide CBD, The Mill’s Artist Studios provide space for visual artists and makers of any discipline to operate an affordable studio in a professional and arts-compatible environment. Current and past uses include sculpture, ceramics, woodworking, illustration, fashion, painting, photography and more.

Expect: Your own designated open studio space, 24hr studio access, wifi and access to shared spaces (workshop, kitchen and meeting space).

Leases from 3-12 months.

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Mixed Creative Port Adelaide

Mixed Creative is a home for original live music, spoken word, theatre and visual arts practise; bringing people together for shared experiences that inspire the exchange of ideas.

It has been established as a creative social enterprise – which means our business has a primary focus on reinvesting in the community and making a positive impact rather than delivering profit to owners.

Mixed Creative seeks to collaborate with organisations and individuals to develop arts based programming that supports our local artists and the community around them. A range of meeting rooms, performance and workshop spaces are avaliable for hire.

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Drop in collage workshop with Ruby Chew

Drop in collage workshop with Ruby Chew

Tuesday 12 October 11am, 1pm, and 3pm Location: City of Adelaide ArtPOD, 25 Pirie St, Adelaide Pricing: Free, bookings essential (places are limited) Featuring: ART WORKS Artist in Residence Ruby ChewJoin us for an informal collage workshop with ART WORKS Artist in...

The River and Death

The River and Death

Image: Connal Lee at the 'Biophilia: Is Nature Conscious? Philosophers talk with Connal Lee'. Photograph: Daniel Marks.The River and Death By ART WORKS 2021 Writer in Residence Connal Lee This piece of writing emerged from a discussion with Artist in Residence Rebecca...

Monthly Advice Bank: November 2021

Monthly Advice Bank: November 2021

Tuesday 2 November 2021, 10am – 12pm Pricing: Free for Guildhouse financial members Location: Phone or video conference Presenter: Guildhouse Artistic Programs Manager Debbie Pryor and Guildhouse Operations Manager Emma Bedford Monthly Advice Bank sessions for members...