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Neville Cichon, A Line Has Been Drawn, 2016, 28 x 24 cm. Photograph Neville Cichon.

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We share a variety of opportunities on offer through our partner organisations and the wider industry. In this section you can explore a variety of art prizes, commissions, proposals, call outs, residencies, mentorships, career development, grants and funding opportunities.


A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

A Dark Place by Sue Ninham


7 – 29 October

In early January 2020 I undertook a two month artist residency in a remote area in the north of Iceland. During my time there it was common to experience extreme blizzards which brought howling winds and white-outs where visibility was impossible. In mid- March, Covid chased me home earlier than planned. During my isolation in Adelaide I continued to work filling journals with strange abstract landscapes emerging from memories of the dark places I had visited. A Dark Place is the culmination of the exploration I undertook in Iceland and a celebration of a darkness I have learned to embrace.

A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains


Museum of Economic Botany, Adelaide Botanic Gardens

19 August – 29 January

South Australian artist Chris De Rosa has created a colourful and fun installation consisting of a series of large-scale sculptural forms, screen prints, etchings and digital prints inspired by spongia, aquatic plants and algae.


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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Terrestrial Satellites

Hahndorf Academy

16 September – 16 October

Celebrating local photographers from the Mount Barker District: Sandra Bartlett, Kristy Margetts, Peter Nenke, Suzanne Opitz, Chris Reynolds, Caleb Rybalka, Jackie Stavrakis, Peter Surguy. Curated by Sam Oster.


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When Beards Collide SALA Exhibition – Bearded Dragon Gallery

We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Dentons Lawyers and artists Dan Withey and Paul Galbraith for a special SALA exhibition in the heart of the city.

Dates: August 31st – October 14th

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Blind Spot by Mirriam Sims


28 Sep – 22 Oct

Blind Spot is an installation composed of chrome vehicles for affect. Convex safety mirrors form a transcript of the everywhere / nowhere spaces common to cities and inner suburbia of ‘Australia’. This is a working document, experience, and performance space.

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Which Made This Place Home by Maddie Grammatopoulos

Praxis Artspace

22 Sep – 14 Oct

‘Which Made This Place Home’ is a film piece, documenting a series of poignant moments in a family home through the eyes of various house hold objects. Film projection, set design, improvisation, and a cinematic score lay the foundation for this fictional narrative piece. Loosely inspired by family experiences, entwined with my own niggling anxieties and imagination, this project explores loss, love, and the unexpectedness that is life.


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Mosaic for Afghan Women

21 Sep – 23 October

A giant handmade glass mosaic scarf will be unveiled next week by South Australian artists as part of international project to support Afghan women and girls.

The Hanging by a Thread, project is backed by the UN International Year of Glass (UNIYOG22) and involves over 1200 mosaic artists from 46 other countries. Each have made segments of 10 x 25 cm in glass mosaic.

Learning Machine by David Court

Blackwoods Gallery

23 Sep – 9 October

David Court has created a suite of colourful works across different media, including painting, sculpture, projection and sound. Conceptually, Dave explores collapse dichotomies of the digital and analogue, hand-made and manufactured, and ultimately blurs the lines between human and machine.

A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Rose Tinted by Mali Isabel Art

Hughes Gallery

30 September – 23 October

This exhibition invites viewers to imagine the world through an idealistic and wistful perspective. Playing on the proverb “to see the world through rose-tinted glasses”, Mali Isabel explores a spectrum of positive emotions through a series of rainbow coloured, contemporary Aboriginal paintings.

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Ed Douglas …darkness shall be the light, …stillness the dancing

Handorf Academy

16 September – 6 November

Imagination and skill come together in this unique showcase by a range of artists, who interpret the theme in a variety of ways. From wearable art and sculptural textiles to metal and wood sculpture, resin art, and upcycled furniture, there are many notable works on show.

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

In Place – Callum Docherty

24 September – 29 October

Utilising a range of approaches with a focus on community participation,
the public is invited to explore site-specific exhibitable outcomes through collaborative collecting.

Sauerbier House

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Fresh Hell

Adelaide Contemporary Experimental

3 September – 29 October

Imagination and skill come together in this unique showcase by a range of artists, who interpret the theme in a variety of ways. From wearable art and sculptural textiles to metal and wood sculpture, resin art, and upcycled furniture, there are many notable works on show.

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains


1 February – Late November

INVISIBILITY is everywhere. It’s the people we don’t notice, the environmental changes we can’t see, and the algorithms working hard behind the scenes. What becomes visible when we start paying attention?

In MOD.’s new exhibition, we’re shining a spotlight on the unseen to help us better understand the world around us and our place in it. 

Join us as we time travel underground, delve into the tech monopolies controlling our lives, and slow down to notice the importance of the land around us.


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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Shadow of the Moon

Gus Clutterbuck
30 September – 29 October

Years in the making this solo exhibition will feature the artist’s most significant blue and white porcelain works made between 2013-19 during residencies in Jingdezhen, China. Including the premiere of his collaborative “big tile” works with Jingdezhen artist Huang Fei and an important selection of historic Chinese porcelain on loan from the Art Gallery of South Australia, which further complements the story of this East West exchange. Accompanying ‘Shadow of the Moon’ will be a downloadable e-catalogue including essays and insights into the exhibition from Russell Kelty, Yuexiu Shen, Bernadette Klavins, Huang Fei and Gus Clutterbuck.

Newmarch Gallery

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A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Suns Up – Springs Members Exhibition

RSASA Gallery
30 September – 30 October

An exhibition of artworks in painting, drawing, mixed media, photography, textiles, scupture.

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What’s On

A work by Justine Varga, a dimly lit image of a window with draping curtains

Flock Coop

This FLOCK creates a human place to build digital literacy for feminine identifying creatives. It is a collective of female and non-binary souls disrupting the way online business is done. It is owned and loved by its members.

FLOCK is your platform, a place to showcase your work. Sell what you create. Connect and support, give and receive.

FLOCK believes that when the full talents of feminine identifying souls are celebrated, supported and utilised, society will thrive with joy and longevity.

We no longer accept existing patriarchal economic systems as they are. We plan to disrupt the inherent marketplace biases in: curation, ownership, value and profit.

Flock cooperative is designed to build and retain community wealth –
Financial, Intellectual, Social, Emotional.


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A person stands in front of a colourful work of art

Art of the City – Adelaide

City of Adelaide partnered with the State Government, through Arts South Australia, to produce Art of the City – Adelaide. Curated by the Lord Mayor with the support of a panel of experts and Adelaide’s cultural institutions, this souvenir boxed set features artworks and public art from across the city and North Adelaide inviting the community to experience the story of Adelaide and its people through its art.

The publication honors Adelaide’s significant cultural collections and the artists that continue to make the South Australian capital one of the most liveable and creative cities in the world. The Lord Mayor hosted a civic event last Friday at the Adelaide Town Hall to launch Art of the City – Adelaide, now available to purchase from the Adelaide Visitor Information Centre on 25 Pirie Street.

AICSA Bad, Better and Beyond Best Practice: Rethinking Arts Governance

AICSA will host a day of discussion on the art of arts governance with SA’s own governance rabble-rouser Kate Larsen on Thursday 20 October 2022.

Bad News Boards, 10.00am – 11.00am
(in-person and online)
At last year’s Reset Conference in Adelaide, Kate asked us to imagine a radically different structure for our sector’s arts Boards. In this introductory seminar, she will share her insights into Australia’s ‘broken’ arts and not-for-profit governance models and discuss the key findings of her national survey into how those Boards fail.

Boards Doing Better, 11.30am – 1.30pm
(in-person and online)

The harsh realities of organisational survival leave us all necessarily more focused on making the best of our current governance model than thinking about how it could change. Join Kate for this analysis of trends, tweaks and case studies to improve all of our work, confidence and duties of care in this important area.

Doing Better Than Boards, 2.00pm – 4.00pm
(in-person only)

In spite of their issues, arts organisations currently need arts Boards because our legislation, constitutions and funders say that’s what we need. But is that reason enough? Join this interactive workshop for provocations, case studies and peer discussions to reimagine a future with different sorts of arts Boards (or a future without them entirely).


UniSA, Cuity West Campus

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A person stands in front of a colourful work of art

Art, Climate and Resilience. Panel Discussion

Art, Climate and Resilience will unpack how engaging deeply with art can be a tool for resilience in facing the ecological crisis and the other emergency states of our age. This panel discussion will position art as a creative force for change, a way of orienting ourselves in the world and it will consider the art form of tending (tending to a garden, to a practice, to daily modes of connection) as a re-humanising activity in the face of upheaval.

When: 7 October 5:30-6:30pm


Art Gallery of South Australia

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A person stands in front of a colourful work of art

Live Art Workshops with Ida Sophia

In this workshop series, Ida brings you essential skills, methods, pedagogy and experience from her extensive training and research in Live Art Performance. Gained overseas from the likes of The Marina Abramovic Institute, Guillermo Gomez Pena’s La Pocha Nostra Troupe and The Venice International Performance Art Week, Ida has further developed her own teaching methods over the past 2 years.

September 10: Participatory Art

St Barnabas Hall

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Wednesday Talks – Jam Factory

Hear from local and national artists, designers and creatives
at these free weekly lunchtime talks.

A person stands in front of a colourful work of art

ACE Hosted Disucssion for First Nations and People of Colour

COMMON CULTURE is an opportunity to discuss cultural care for First Nations and POC folk in the arts community, and to collectively consider how to implement and encourage better practice and safe spaces for culturally diverse groups in Kaurna Yarta and beyond.

There are only 15 places available.

When: 22 Oct 9:30-11am


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A person stands in front of a colourful work of art

Union St Printmakers

You are welcome to reserve workshop dates now for any of the available Sundays (and occasional Tuesdays on request) in 2022. Pending last moment Covid restrictions, workshops will continue as normal – click here for dates and the different kinds of printmaking you can learn – UStP does it all. Workshops numbers are always small, in a very large space with good ventilation, so social-distancing is a given.

Union St Printmakers

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A person stands in front of a colourful work of art

Meet at the Wheat

Local clay aficionados get together. 

Potters, Mud Slingers, Ceramicists, Clay Clunkers, Crack Pots and members of the clay community. A social catch up with an ale and some fellow potters.
Last Sunday of the month 2-4 pm.

Wheatsheaf Hotel

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Workshops & Training

Ku Arts Silk Painting Workshop

Ku Arts will be delivering a series of free silk painting workshops for First Nation artists with Ngangiwumerri artist Pilawuk. Workshops will be held at Port Augusta Cultural Centre, Yarta Purtli, from Thursday 20th – Saturday 22nd October. There will be 2 sessions per day, please return an EOI form specifying which session you would prefer. Pilawuk White comes from the Malfyin country. Her language is Ngangiwumerri and one of her Dreaming is Black Bream. She has worked as a teacher in South Australia for many years. Her artworks are exhibited and sold through Merrepen Arts, a well-established art centre in Nauiyu in the Northern Territory.

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Australian Tappestry Workshop

The Australian Tapestry Workshop is excited to share with you a range of  online content to fuel your creativity from the comfort of your own home.

Be inspired by our Artist + Weaver talks and International Speaker Series or hone your skills via our online classes, for both adults and children. 

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Art + Place Workshop Series

Do you want to extend your arts practice or talk with other creatives about meaningful ways to create art for everyday places?

This is the second in a series of three workshops offering a rare professional development opportunity for regionally based creatives working across a range of mediums. You could be interested in any form of public art, performance art, participatory art, installation, sound art, digital art. All skill levels and abilities will be catered for.

Led by South Australian artists Tom Borgas and Paul Gazzola (OSCA Artistic Director), participants will be guided through an open workshop process exploring ideas including;

– Thinking about making art in relation to a particular site

– Honouring local knowledge and stories

– Ethical practices when working with local community

– Combining visual art, design and performance

– Working at scale with a small budget

Workshop 2: 17 September 22

Workshop 3: 5 November 22

Public Presentation 6 November 22

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Workshops at ACE

The last three workshops for 2022 will be facilitated by Daria Healy Koljanin (AKA SickNasty), Ash Tower (2022 ACE Studio Program Artist), and Shaye Dương (2022 ACE Studio Program Artist).

Designed to suit a range of skill levels and interests, these small-group artist-led programs offer all audiences – from curious gallery-goers through to practicing artists – an opportunity to learn a range of creative techniques through hands-on, practical classes.

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Upcycling with Shibori Workshop with Kate Fitton

Scour your cupboards and pull out those old, white cotton/linen/silk tees, shirts, pillowcases or sheets that you no longer use and bring them in to ‘upcycle’. Indigo will only dye natural fibres, so leave the polyester and synthetics at home.

29 October 1-3:30pm
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Jewellery Class with Regine Schwarzer

I offer a range of jewellery making classes from beginners to experienced practitioners, including specialized jewellery-making techniques. I can also provide individual teaching for you to work at your own pace on a project of your choice. Specialised workshops are offered periodically or can be conducted on request.

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JamFactory Short Courses

Jam Factory has a range of begginer, intermediate and intensive courses. Some of the available classes are:

Ceramic Projects
Wooden Box Making
Wax Rings and Casting
Introduction to Wheel Throwing
Introduction to Hand Building and Surface Decoration
Repoussé and Chasing
Cone 8 to 10 Glaze Development
Cone 6 Midfire Glaze Development
Silver Jewellery Making
Glass Blowing Workshop
Triaxial Weaving
Woodworking, Materials and Techniques

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Adelaide College of the Arts

AC Arts’ visual arts programs provide you a comprehensive grounding in the practical and theoretical aspects of contemporary and traditional visual arts practice. Offering specialisations in ceramics, jewellery, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture. Explore traditional and contemporary arts practices through practice and theory coupled with business and entrepreneurial skills to build a career in the arts.

You will learn and create in Adelaide College of the Arts’ state-of-the-art facilities which include purpose-built studios and exhibition spaces.

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Studio Space + Equipment

ACE Studio Program

ACE is home to five fully-supported, rent-free CBD-based studios for South Australian artists.

The ACE Studio Program provides professional development opportunities, including studio visits with Australian and international curators; participation in public programs; mentorship by ACE staff; and prominent profiling and promotional opportunities.

Applications Close 11 October 22

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Want to join the Praxis Artspace Studios? Do you know a creative who needs studio space?

Located within the vibrant Bowden precinct, Praxis Artspace Studios was established in January 2019. Sitting adjacent to Praxis Artspace Gallery, this creative hub is focused on supporting a diverse range of artistic talent through its studios and exhibition program.

The Praxis Artspace Studios encourages an effective teamwork environment, and provides the opportunity for artists to experiment, play and take risks developing new work, within a stimulating environment of practicing artists.

Their studios include:

  • Wifi
  • 24-hour access
  • Communal area, including kitchenette, toilet and shower
  • Onsite parking
  • Proximity to public transport and shops

A studio at Praxis Artspace represents an opportunity for an artist to base their practice within a vibrant, and supportive artistic community; allowing for meaningful career and skills development, inspiration, and networking.

George Street Studios
36 George St, Thebarton SA

Studio space is currently available and suitable for artists, designer makers and artisans working across furniture, sculpture and mixed medium. We welcome expressions of interest from artists and makers at all career levels. Younger and emerging artists are encouraged and will be offered access to learn from experienced practitioners.

For further details or to organise a visit please contact Tony Rosella: 0402 114 702

Mixed Goods

Mixed Goods studios is a multidisciplinary shared studio space only 15 minutes from Adelaide’s CBD. We are currently looking for studio tenants and have spaces available ranging from 11m2 to 27m2, there are sizes to suit a variety of creative disciplines and practices.

Mixed Goods was set up as a dynamic craft & design hub offering independent studio spaces to artists, creatives, and design professionals. Our aim is to have a hybridised studio collective with a mixed set of skills made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds and at various stages of their practices.

For more information or to apply for a studio please get in contact with Dean Toepfer and Andrew Carvolth at: studios@mixedgoods.com.au

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The Mill Adelaide

Situated in the heart of the Adelaide CBD, The Mill’s Artist Studios provide space for visual artists and makers of any discipline to operate an affordable studio in a professional and arts-compatible environment. Current and past uses include sculpture, ceramics, woodworking, illustration, fashion, painting, photography and more.

Expect: Your own designated open studio space, 24hr studio access, wifi and access to shared spaces (workshop, kitchen and meeting space).

Leases from 3-12 months.

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Mixed Creative Port Adelaide

Mixed Creative is a home for original live music, spoken word, theatre and visual arts practise; bringing people together for shared experiences that inspire the exchange of ideas.

It has been established as a creative social enterprise – which means our business has a primary focus on reinvesting in the community and making a positive impact rather than delivering profit to owners.

Mixed Creative seeks to collaborate with organisations and individuals to develop arts based programming that supports our local artists and the community around them. A range of meeting rooms, performance and workshop spaces are avaliable for hire.

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Artisans’ Vise
Shared studio/workshop facility
1/5 Waverley Ave, Edwardstown

“Artisans Vise is a makers dream space”

They have room for more designer/makers in their collegial, extensive factory.

They are ideally located in an established industrial area close to suppliers and manufacturers at 1/5 Waverley Ave Edwardstown

Access to workspace and a professional range of woodworking and metal equipment is available.

Current members are Gray Hawk, Andrew Bartlett, Taku Kamikawa and James Howe.

For further information please contact Gray Hawk

M: 04 1142 1713

City Shed

Community sheds are non-profit local organisations that provide a space for craftwork and social interaction. With backyards getting smaller, the traditional shed is harder to come by. The Adelaide City Shed will be a place to share tools and get stuck into a DIY project – all while avoiding the costs and clean-up of doing it at home.

If you have a practical project on the go or want to build, repair or repurpose something, the City Shed offers space and a wide range of tools and machinery, with the bonus of handy person advice.

The Adelaide City Shed can be found at The Mill, 154 Angas Street, Adelaide SA 5000, and will be in operation on Mondays between 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.