Banner image: Nice to Meet You with Glenn Barkley. Photograph Tom McCammon. 

Community Membership:

$98 p/yr

Perfect for practising and for non-practicing members interested in accessing Guildhouse programs/services and staying up to date with the sector and engaging with our community. This membership includes the core benefits of the Accredited membership, without our tailor-made insurance package.


For the art lover:

For the artist:
All of the above, and to grow your practice:

  • Eligible for Guildhouse programs
  • Eligible to showcase your works and exhibitions on Guildhouse listings
  • One-on-one Advice Bank sessions
  • Professional development opportunities
Payment Options

We are committed to making it as flexible as possible for you to manage your Guildhouse membership.

Your Community membership fee can be paid in instalments through our online portal:

  • Pay in full
  • Pay in monthly instalments

Guildhouse Terms and Conditions for all memberships can be found here.