Freighting and Packing Your Artwork

At some time in your career you will most likely be required to freight your work, whether it’s to a client who’s purchased it, or to a venue for exhibition.

Packing work is a skill and requires some consideration. You need to be sure you have the right materials to protect the work, prevent breakage and preserve it if it is being stored for any length of time. The right box or crate is also critical in ensuring your work is not damaged in transit or storage.
When packing your work consider:

Will the work be stored for some time in this way? If so, ensure your materials are suitable for archiving and will not break down or cause damage to the work in its storage location.

How will the work be handled when it is being moved? You know how to handle your work carefully, but do others?

Is your packing material moisture resistent? It will need to protect your work from possible exposure to weather in transit.

Can it be repacked easily? If you have sent your work to an exhibition, include repacking instructions to ensure your work is returned just as you sent it.

There are many freight services available, but to make sure everything goes smoothly you will need to ensure your work is packed well. 

When booking your freight, or obtaining a quote you’ll need to have the dimensions of your package/crate, its weight, pick up and delivery addresses and contact person details. Also consider if you want to insure the work while it’s being transported. 


We’ve created a list of resources to help you ensure that the transporting of your work goes smoothly.

Artlab Senior Objects Conservator Justin Gare has delivered Packing Art Objects for Travel and Storage workshops in the past. To help you source the right materials for packing your work, Justin has provided the following list of suppliers:

Sekisui Pilon Pty Ltd
Ph: 02 9525 9880
1-5 Parraweena Road, Taren Point, NSW 2229

Coreflute (or mulflute)
Mulford Plastics
Ph: 8444 9666
750 Port Road, Beverley, SA 5009

Pine frames for light weight crates
Phoenix Society
Ph: 8116 2102
PO Box 18, Melrose Park SA 5039

Polyurethane foams
Dunlop foams
Ph: 08 8343 7555
101-103 Churchill Road, North Dry Creek, 5094

Ethafoam (hard foam that can be carved)
Metro Foam Products
Ph: 02 9748 8588
PO Box 6746, 15 Fariola St, Silverwater, NSW 2128

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