Image: Craig Glasson, installation view, Form before function, Fringe 2023, JPE Design Studio. Photograph Lana Adams.

Guildhouse and JPE Design Studio in partnership proudly launch the call out for the next iteration of the highly successful and deeply valued – JPE Artist in Residence program for SALA 2024; Fringe 2025; SALA 2025 and Fringe 2026. 

JPE has been a place where artists, craftspeople and designers can exhibit, engage with studio culture and have an impact on design thinking since 2013. The JPE Artist in Residence program continues the creative exchange in collaboration with Guildhouse, following a standout two years of deep dive research and cultivated experimentation and collaboration across many specialised fields and mediums.   

The JPE Artist in Residence program is a residency opportunity that will see two artists a year in a creative exchange within the JPE studios, culminating in new works and/or installation presented during SALA 2024; Fringe 2025; SALA 2025 and Fringe 2026.  

Each presentation of new works will be accompanied by a launch event during the festival period hosted by JPE Design Studio and Guildhouse. This event is an opportunity to showcase the Artist in Residence and celebrate their residency, research and professional arts practice. 

Artists in Residence will receive artist fees at $2,800 each, research space, access to collaborative opportunities with JPE staff and presentation offerings. The residency is flexible how and when you undertake your research and explore interdisciplinary practice, there is an expectation that some of this research will occur in the JPE Design Studios office in the Adelaide CBD. 

The Art in Residence program aims to: 
  • Engage both the artists and JPE Studio broadly in artistic processes and conceptual development;  
  • Provide the artists with access to professional creative processes, with the invitation to contribute to JPE’s creative design processes, should they wish to do so;  
  • Provide funded opportunities to four (individual) South Australian artists to create new work, reach new audiences, and sell work over a 6month residency period;  
  • Provide a research desk within JPE Studio for research and collaboration; 
  • Create new works for presentation and selling opportunities outside of the gallery space. 
 Selection criteria  
  • South Australian visual arts, craft and design practitioners with an interest in interdisciplinary practice, public space, architecture and design at any stage of their career; 
  • Artistic merit;  
  • Collaborative approach to research methodology and/or practice; 
  • Early career artists will be required to have the confidence to work independently; 
  • Guildhouse financial member;
  • Please note that peoples enrolled in formal tertiary studies are not eligible to apply for Guildhouse programs. We see this as an ongoing commitment to equitability of learning opportunities throughout artists professional practice careers and as a duty of care in artist well-being when managing capacities of time, energy and commitment. 
Artwork specifics  
  • Work for presentation will need to be suitable for the JPE Studio space and ready for presentation – this may include works for hanging and open display on plinths – sculptural wall pieces are encouraged;  
  • Existing works or works in progress will be displayed for up to four months during the intensive residency activity within the JPE boardroom and/or foyer; 
  • New artworks created as part of the residency will then be shown as part of either SALA 2024 and 2025, and Adelaide Fringe 2025 and 2026 festivals, for up to a period of 3 months; 
  • All new artworks will be available for purchase. The sale price will be determined between Guildhouse and the artist, with a JPE commission of 30%;  
  • In the event that the artwork remains unsold, it will be returned to the artist; 
  • The artist will be supported by Guildhouse to install/deinstall artworks. 
The Artist in Residence recipient will be: 
  • Genuinely curious in the role of architecture and landscape within contemporary culture; 
  • Seeking meaningful conversation / research / collaboration;  
  • Interdisciplinary in their approach to research and making; 
  • Seeking an opportunity to present works either in process or completed, outside of the gallery setting.
Key Dates: 

Call Out OPENS: Monday 8 April, 5pm
Call Out CLOSES: Monday 6 May, 10am 

Applicants must be available to interview during the week of 20th May23rd May (in person, phone or zoom) and the successful SALA 2024 applicant must available to begin the residency by Friday 31st May.   

SALA Artist in Residence 2024

    • Installation of existing works – week beginning 31st May 2024
    • Research / development of new works – 31st May – mid August 2024
    • SALA 2024 presentation  – Mid August 2024 – end of October

SALA Artist in Residence 2025

    • Installation of existing works – early-mid May 2025 
    • Research / development of new works – Early – mid May – late August 2025   
    • SALA 2025 presentation  – Late August 2025 – end of October

Fringe Artist in Residence 2025 

    • Installation of existing works – early November 2024 
    • Research / development of new works – early November 2024 – early-mid February 2025                    
    • Fringe 2025 presentation – Mid February to end of April 2025 

Fringe Artist in Residence 2026 

    • Installation of existing works – early November 2025 
    • Research / development of new works – early November 2025 – early-mid February 2026                    
    • Fringe 2026 presentation – Mid February to end of April 2026 

During the EOI call out period we invite our previous Artists in Residents – Matthew Fortrose (SALA 2022), Craig Glasson (Fringe 2023), Michelle Kelly (SALA 2023) and Henry Wolff (Fringe 2024) – to share their diverse experiences through an in-conversation panel event, date and time to be announced. 

For more information, please contact Samantha Faehrmann Guildhouse Artistic Programs Manager on 08 8410 1822 or    

JPE Design Studio is a well established design Practice based in Adelaide offering architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and urban design services. They are based at 4/19 Gilles St, Adelaide SA 5000. Learn more about JPE Design Studio here: