Sat 01 January 2011 – Tue 02 November 2010

Location: Various locations

Presenter: Abuyo Omot Gilo, Masuma Akther, Tania Hassan, Milete-Tsega Ogbalidet, Lady Narvaez Penoloza, Razija Beganovic

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As part of the Craftsouth Traditional Craftskills Project, a series of Traditional Craft Skills workshops is now underway. Taught by traditional craft practitioners, each course offers participants an in-depth opportunity to learn a new skill over several weeks, in areas including basketry, rug weaving, embroidery and beading.

Course: Sudanese Beading (5 weeks)
Tutor Abuyo Omot Gilo led this workshop in making traditional Sudanese beaded objects.

Course: Knotted Rug Weaving (10 weeks)
Tutor Ahmad Javid Rashidi taught the craft of rug design and weaving from Afghanistan/Iran.

Course: Bangladeshi quilt embroidery (5 weeks)
Tutors Masuma Akther and Tania Hassan teach the art of Bangladeshi’s detailed Nakshi Katha embroidery, using motifs based on wedding traditions and the everyday stories of village life in Bangladesh.

Course: Eritrean basket weaving (9 weeks)
Tutor Milete-Tsega Ogbalidet teaches workshop participants to weave a flat plate in the the graphic, colourful designs of Meblee Kursi baskets, using brightly coloured wool around plant fibre.

Course: Colombian mochila bark string bags (5 weeks)
Tutor Lady Narvaez Penoloza leads a workshop in the making of a mochila, a vibrant, colourful bark-string bag like those carried by Indigenous women from the mountain regions of Colombia.

Course: Bosnian rug-weaving (10 weeks)
Tutor Razija Beganovic teaches participants the traditional patterns of Bosnian rugs on a custom-built loom.

Traditional Sudanese beaded objects by Abuyo Omot Gilo. Photograph by Richard Humphrys.