Freighting Your Work

At some time in your career you will most likely be required to freight your work, whether it’s to a client who’s purchased it, or to a venue for exhibition.

There are many freight services available, but to make sure everything goes smoothly you will need to ensure your work is packed well.

Photograph David Campbell

When booking your freight, or obtaining a quote you’ll need to have the dimensions of your package/crate, its weight and pick up and delivery addresses and contact person details. Also consider if you want to insure the work while it’s being transported. Guildhouse can provide a quote for this.

We’ve created a list of resources to help you ensure that the transporting of your work goes smoothly.

Guildhouse financial members can also access our freight service. We have an existing account with CEVA and can book the freight for you.

Guildhouse financial members are able to obtain one on one professional development support about many areas of their practice. Contact us for more information.