Image: Christine Cholewa and Deb Jones, Ways of seeing, 2019, commissioned by Uniting Communities with support from Guildhouse. Photograph Craig Arnold.

Guildhouse is delighted to share that it has received $195,000 from the South Australian Government through the Department of Innovation and Skills Research and Innovation Fund.

The Hon. David Pisoni MP, Minister for Innovation and Skills, announced the funding on Wednesday 24 November 2021 at a special event held at the Uniting Communities’ U City Building in the Adelaide CBD.


The funds granted to Guildhouse will support the development of new models of creative entrepreneurship in the visual art, craft and design sectors and enable Guildhouse to invest in growing opportunities for South Australian artists in partnership with diverse sectors that meet current and emerging needs.

In particular, the funding will support Guildhouse’s new social enterprise, Guildhouse Professional Services, a program that connects commercial or government projects with South Australian creative professionals for the creation of new artworks. 

The development of Guildhouse Professional Services will include a focus on new public art projects in private and public spaces, health and wellbeing projects and regional recovery initiatives, with the following growth priorities: 

  • Developing new industry commissions employing South Australian creative practitioners to create new artwork.
  • Providing skills development for creative practitioners through mentoring, coaching and workshops
  • Building partnerships with the private and government sectors, to enable artists and creative practitioners to access commercial opportunities for artistic professional development and presentation.

Since the program’s pilot in 2019, Guildhouse Professional Services has delivered projects in partnership with a range of clients including Uniting Communities, the City of Port Adelaide Enfield, the Department of Infrastructure and Transport, the University of Adelaide, Journey Beyond, CSIRO and the Adelaide Airport. 

Over the next two years, Guildhouse anticipates this initiative will lead to $1.3M in new revenue for creative professionals, employing more than 100 South Australian creative entrepreneurs.

Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni said Guildhouse already has an excellent track record in connecting creatives with commercial and community projects.

“I commend Guildhouse on its leadership in establishing this new brokerage for industry commissions and collaborations employing South Australian creative entrepreneurs. The Marshall Government is pleased to support Guildhouse in this project, which will provide skills development and connect creatives with paid work that might otherwise have been out of reach. I look forward to seeing the outcomes,”

Hon. David Pisoni MP

Minister for Innovation and Skills

Emma Fey, Guildhouse CEO, said that as society navigates a time of unprecedented disruption and mental health impacts, many sectors are looking to employ different ways of thinking, and create new ways of experiencing place and community.

“This unique initiative will strengthen the South Australian creative sector by growing the ecology – independent artists through new commissions and projects, fabricators, curators, designers, photographers, and more. We can open the door to a breadth of South Australian artistic and creative expertise – and manage the process each step of the way to ensure exceptional outcomes for all involved.”

Emma Fey

CEO Guildhouse

Guildhouse invites artists and creative practitioners who would like to learn more about this initiative to register their interest for an information session early in 2022:

Fill out the form and we will keep you up to date.

    Images: Funding announcement held at the Uniting Communities’ U City building in the Adelaide CBD. Photographs Thomas McCammon.