Jess Dare: China Residency

Yiwei Art Projects

14 September 2015

The residency program’s focus is to take creative professionals outside of their traditional studio practice and position them in an environment where they can research, experiment and develop new skills and techniques, thereby enabling them to develop new work and new audiences. Jess Dare’s 5 week residency offered her access to two international artists in the Yiwei Art Foundation studio ‘San W’ in Shanghai. She also travelled to the Jewellery Studio at the China Academy of Fine Art, Hangzhou, where she gave a lecture and demonstration. The students were impressed with her lamp work technique and the way she creates fine jewellery pieces from glass.



My work is influenced by nature, and botanical specimens and I have been using this imagery in my exhibition work as a metaphor to investigate concepts of the fragility and transience of memory.  Flowers are a constant reminder that life is ephemeral, ever changing and momentary. During an Asialink Residency in Thailand in 2014, where I was researching Phuang Malai (Floral Garlands) I began to look at the role in which flowers and colours are used to communicate, pay respect and honor loved ones past and present. I hope to expand this research in China by looking at traditions and ceremonies that have a specific relationship to nature. To have the opportunity to immerse myself in a culture with such a rich history of tradition and ceremony is truly a privilege.

The residency in China will also provide me with invaluable time to focus and develop my practice, learning traditional craft techniques, immersing myself in another culture, another workshop, another world. I hope to connect with local jewellery networks and hopefully lay the foundations for an ongoing relationship with jewelers and glass artists in China.

To be welcomed into this community is a wonderful opportunity for my professional, sustainable practice in the arts and I am honored by the Yiwei Art Foundation’s invitation.

Jess Dare

Contemporary Jeweller

Artist Biography:

Contemporary jeweller Jess Dare completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts in 2006 (Adelaide Centre for the Arts TAFESA). Since 2005 she has been practicing traditional glass flameworking, having been taught by local and international glass artists. Glass now forms an integral part of her practice.

Dare joined Gray Street Workshop as an access tenant in 2007 and became a partner of the workshop in 2010.

In 2014 she undertook an Asialink residency based in Thailand researching Phuang Malai (Floral Garlands).

Dare has exhibited nationally and internationally and is represented in major national collections including The National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of South Australia and the National Glass Association.