Monthly Advice Bank

Book in for advice with Guildhouse experienced arts professionals to discuss a range of topics affecting your arts practice.

Join Artistic Program Manager Debbie Pryor who will answer questions from individual members in these complimentary 30 minute sessions typically offered the first Tuesday of each month from 10am – 2pm.

New Guildhouse members are encouraged to book a session to be guided through our program and discuss the professional development opportunities that best suit your practice.

Topics of discussion may range from; grant funding applications, professional documentation, marketing, communications, artist opportunities and more.

You will be prompted to clarify your topic of discussion as part of the booking process. Please be clear and succinct when communicating your topic of discussion so as to help us help you!

Sessions are not offered in January and are limited to two per member annually.

Images (L-R): Guildhouse Symposium, 2019, praxis ARTSPACE. Photograph Rosina Possingham.