Sahr will lead two workshops in May and June 2018 that investigate how the objects we acquire, wear or carry with us create a sense of home, connectedness and familiarity. By reflecting on the relationships to physical or emotional spaces, participants will make both personal and shared thoughts portable by translating their stories into a wearable object and a collective memory piece.

Sahr Bashir is an art educator and visual artist. Her practice explores the body as a territory for ‘un-precious’ objects as she constructs narratives to celebrate the ordinary. The deliberate deceptive quality of materials and their manipulation is intrinsic to her work.

Following a postgraduate degree in Design from UNSW Art & Design, Sydney, Sahr has invested over fifteen years in the tertiary education sector teaching, developing curricula and educational materials and leading workshops for faculty, professionals, craftspeople and students.

As an ambassador for Art Jewelry Forum, her role is to encourage conversation and collaboration on a global scale. Sahr was awarded the Alumni Excellence Award for Education by the Australian Government in 2014 for her work in skill training and community development through design education and intervention



Image courtesy the artist