Image: INFORM: Brave New World, 2019. Photograph: Rosina Possingham.

Thursday 28 July, 1.30 pm

Pricing: Free

Location: Online via webinar

Presenter: Kyla Pizzino, Statewide Super Relationship Manager

Finding it hard to wrap your head around Superannuation as a sole trader or part-time employee?

This session with Statewide Relationship Manager Kyla Pizzino will guide you through the basic steps of Superannuation. From general super for sole traders, part-time employees and families, through to the government co-contribution scheme for low income earners.

Experienced Superannuation manager Kyla Pizzino from Statewide Super will host a webinar for the Guildhouse community online on Thursday 4 June, 1.30 pm.

Please note: To facilitate a conversational tone and participant interaction, places are limited to under 10 participants.