Image: Michael Carney, Union (detail), oil on canvas. Image courtesy the artist.

Creativity and collaboration are at the heart of innovation. Since 2018 UniSA Business has partnered with Guildhouse to present works by contemporary South Australian visual artists to encourage reflection and inspire new ideas.

The Persistence of Nature

Michael Carney

7 August —  3 November 2023
Yungondi Building, UniSA City West Campus

Artist Statement

Showing forest scenes with tranquil melancholy and underlying unease, creating a layered emotional experience.
Michael Carney.

These strange surreal forest landscapes present as disorientating and impossible places. The ambiguity and lack of clear structure in such art can stimulate the imagination and creativity as viewers attempt to find meaning or patterns within the artwork. Grappling with this kind of enigmatic imagery will hopefully inspire members of the UniSA Business School to think creatively and collaboratively, fostering the value of innovation through unconventional perspectives.

About the artist

Michael Carney works from his studio in Kaurna Yerta/Adelaide where he works across disciplines as varied as painting, ceramics, 3d print, installation and virtual reality. Currently, he explores sublime botanical and landscape themes, often utilizing technology as a lens for examination.

Images: Michael Carney, Traces, acrylic paint, faux fur, wool, nylon, ceramic earthernware with gold llustre, 3d printed PLA. Image courtesy the artist.

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