Image: Jacob Logos in progress, Aquinas College, Reignite Adelaide project. Photograph Christine Cholewa courtesy Guildhouse. 

Guildhouse is proud to have worked hard to promote the professionalism of our artists, designers and craftspeople and to help secure important elements of the Guildhouse Accredited Member insurance policy we hold with QBE and brokered by Local Community Insurance Services (LCIS).

Working alongside NAVA, Guildhouse has successfully contributed to a reasonable solution for the shared group policy that will support artists nation-wide to maintain their practice with the security of affordable insurance coverage.

Thanks to the extraordinary response of Guildhouse members who provided their impact statements, QBE has reworked the package to accommodate your needs and sustain a resilient future.

Thank you members. Your voice matters!

We confirm that:

  • There is no additional ‘working at height’ premium for artists.
  • A small additional premium, in the order of CPI, will be applied for all installers, to commence 1 October 2023.
  • Members are covered to work up to 15m.
  • Members working between 5m and 15m will need to advise LCIS of each instance of this activity prior to commencing, so that the insurer can better understand the risk exposure for work at heights.
  • An excess will apply to claims incurred working above 5 metres.
  • Discussions continue negotiating an extension for work over 15m.

Guildhouse celebrates and thanks QBE for its recognition of the value of the visual arts sector and its ongoing commitment to support the careers of our artists, designers and craftspeople. We appreciate QBE’s genuine and vital partnership to support and provide a secure foundation for artists to practice.

Guildhouse also values working collaboratively with our like-minded and deeply dedicated visual arts service organisations across the country to combine efforts that empower and sustain our sector. We are strongest together.

Today is a good day to become part of the Guildhouse community.

Join us to share in our comprehensive insurance, professional development and artistic opportunities.

We are now focused on clarifying details for Guildhouse Accredited Membership and will be back in touch as soon as we can. In the meantime, if you have queries please reach out.  We are always here to listen and act.

We’d also love to hear your response to this positive outcome.

Please email or call us on 08 8410 1822