Image: Carly Snoswell, I Love You More Than This, 2019-20, cotton fabric, plastic beads, cotton thread, bed ruffle,. Photograph Sam Roberts.

Following a call for applications three artists have been selected to undertake 4-month residencies at the City of Adelaide ArtPOD throughout 2023 – Sally Parnis, Callum Docherty and Carly Snoswell.

ART WORKS is a collaborative program of residencies, curatorial mentorship and creative engagements, designed in partnership with the City of Adelaide to provide a city-based platform for artists, curators and writers to pursue new ways of working and engaging with audiences.

Now in its sixth year, ART WORKS presents multiple Artist in Residence opportunities within the City of Adelaide ArtPOD and an Early Career Curator Program mentored by Guildhouse, presenting three exhibitions within the Adelaide Town Hall and Mankurri-api Kuu / Reconciliation Room. These extensive artist engagements deliver on the City’s Cultural Strategy 2020-24 for Adelaide to be recognised as a cultural incubator where people, enterprises and audiences’ flourish.

Image: Sally Parnis, image supplied by the artist.

Sally Parnis

1 March — 30 June 2023


Bring me the small offerings of the street, the litter, the leaves, the objects discarded or lost. I want to find the story of this place.

Let’s look together for the colour and beauty all around, even in the detritus of the city. I want to intuitively follow the stories of the city as they emerge.

Help me to fill the ArtPOD with images, as though the images are confetti or fairy lights. I want to convert it to a treasure trove of the colourful and unexpected.

Will the city’s stories surprise and delight us, build curiosity, build compassion, build insight? Or will they ignite disgust, change habits, change minds?

Explore with me.

Artist biography

Sally Parnis

Sally Parnis is a mid-career artist, having graduated from Adelaide central School of Art with BVA (Hons) in 2009. She was previously a Paediatric Anaesthetist with a BM, BS (Flinders) 1983, and FANZCA 1991, working primarily as a consultant anaesthetist at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital Adelaide until 2004. Sally’s Art Practice encompasses traditional painting and drawing, digital drawing and animation. She exhibits regularly and has been a finalist in a number of Art prizes, including the Doug Moran Portrait Prize, The Adelaide Parklands Art Prize, and the Prospect Portrait Prize. Sally also runs workshops on request, participates in school and community residencies, and until recently ran a volunteer Art group at Hutt Street Day Centre. She is an occasional staff member at ACSA providing relief teaching to the drawing department.

Sally has previously served on the ACSA Academic Board and on the ACSA Board of Governors. Sally maintains a drawing blog, where she posts drawing studies, experiments and observations. For many years the drawings were made daily although they are currently less frequent. Sally also regularly posts her experiments and practice on Instagram. This fits with her philosophy that Art making is an act of generosity that only lives through sharing and dissemination. Sally’s practice is strongly rooted in observational drawing. One of her main drivers and contentions is that seeing is a cognitive act and that drawing explores this in a way that differs greatly from photography. She wants to take the viewer with her on a contemplative journey where they explore and experience an act of seeing over time

Image: Callum Docherty, photograph Sia Duff. 

Callum Docherty

3 July — 31 October 2023


INTERSECTION by Callum Docherty will explore and capture moments of the city and its visitors through contemporary art practice. The project aims to showcase the City of Adelaide’s dynamic and vibrant culture, providing an opportunity to pause and reflect.

Callum’s most recent work has been informed by and created from processes such as the collection, observation and conservation of found objects, photographic documentation, and multidisciplinary collaboration with a focus on responding to site-specific materials and areas of interest. 

A series of participatory experiences will enable visitors to collaborate with Callum in art making including contributing to the photographic print series displayed across the front window of the ArtPOD; looking at human forms and our presence in the urban environment; focusing on the intersecting elements such as architectural features and citizen behavioural patterns as observed within the City of Adelaide.

INTERSECTION will be driven by community engagement and will consider accessibility for all visitors. 

Artist biography

Callum Docherty

Callum Docherty (b.1981) is an Tarntanya/Adelaide-based multidisciplinary artist who has predominantly worked and exhibited throughout New South Wales and South Australia.

His experimental approach includes working with a range of mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, installation and more recently collaborating in performance-based, site-specific live works and sound art.

Image: Carly Snoswell. Photograph Aubrey Jonsson, courtesy InReview.

Carly Snoswell

1 November — 29 February 2023

[un]Guilty Pleasures 

This residency is an exercise in examining and unpacking the idea of guilty pleasures – those things that we do or consume that bring joy – but are often looked down upon as trivial or undignified.   

This interest in guilty pleasures stems from a deep love of fandom and the ways in which we seek connection and a build sense of identity. This intense devotion can often be dismissed by outsiders as something best kept to themselves or requiring justification. This attitude is often extended to craft-making as well, however labelling these pursuits as ‘hobbies’ has similarly devalued the significance of the labour and dedication involved with these activities – often perceived as mindless, decorative and delicate, devoid of significant content. 

 [un]Guilty Pleasures invites the public to divulge their weird and wonderful hobbies or obsessions. Those little things that bring pure and utter joy. Our communal joys will be stitched onto a quilt, to hold and spend time with them, providing an avenue for celebration and connection. 

Artist biography

Carly Snoswell

Carly Snoswell is an artist working and living on Kaurna Land. Her work has recently examined fandom and the creation of craft objects as an ode to particular pop-cultural phenomenon through gendered and labourious forms of craft-making. While still observing similar notions of obsession, devotion, longing and identity, Snoswell’s practice has recently broadened from themes of popular culture as she begins to explore personal experiences of motherhood, infertility and homemaking.

In 2012 she graduated with First Class Honours at the South Australian School of Art and since then has exhibited widely including internationally. Snoswell was Co-Director of FELTspace ARI and has participated in studio residencies in Adelaide, Melbourne, India, New York, Japan and Iceland. She was a member of Mint Studios from 2015-17 and Holy Rollers Studios from 2017-20, however now takes up studio in the Adelaide CBD. She recently completed a Masters by Research at the South Australian School of Art with her thesis “Beyonce is a Port Supporter”. Since 2015 she has been building a career as a Youth Arts Worker and is currently Youth Program Officer for the City of Onkaparinga.