Tuesday 13 April – Friday 30 July 2021 

Location: Adelaide Town Hall, Mankurri-api Kuu (Reconciliation room) and First Floor Gallery, 128 King William Street, Adelaide

Featuring: Ahli Atomalia Emu (Amanda Radomi)Carly Tarkari Dodd, Gail Hocking, Mark Kimber, Brad Lay, Rebecca McEwan, Deborah Sleeman and James Tylor

Curated by Ann-Marie Green and Heidi Kenyon 

We are adjusting to a new world order in which the recognition of nature’s therapeutic power will likely grow, and may become critical to counteracting the lasting effects of isolation.

Current ART WORKS Artist in Residence Rebecca McEwan states ‘I have a profound fascination with the visceral connection humans have with the natural world. Through my work I attempt to find ways to reconnect us with ancient wisdoms and intrinsic knowledge.’

Rebecca’s practice was a catalyst for the exhibition theme, biophilia (translated as love of life or nature) which explores the idea that humans possess an innate tendency to connect with other life forms. This intuitive relationship is explored through the lens of established and early career artists Ahli Atomalia Emu (Amanda Radomi), Carly Tarkari Dodd, Gail Hocking, Mark Kimber, Brad Lay, Rebecca McEwan, Deborah Sleeman and James Tylor.

Working across a variety of media including photography, painting, sculpture, video, drawing, and materials from the earth, these artists speak to the beauty, power and intricacy of the natural world. Their works comment on the vulnerability and fragility of nature, their spiritual connection to the land, and the contemporary loss of Aboriginal cultures within the Australian landscape due to the impact of European colonisation.

Collectively, these works set a post-pandemic challenge to renew our focus on local environments and recognise their essential role in our wellbeing.

Biophilia is presented at the Adelaide Town Hall as part of ART WORKS Emerging Curator Program and is delivered by Guildhouse in partnership with the City of Adelaide. 

Image: Mark Kimber, Into the seas without  shore, 2012. Photograph: courtesy the artist.