Images (L-R): Dave Court, Hallway 2. Image courtesy the artist.

24 March – 3 June 2022

Location: Adelaide Town Hall, Mankurri-api Kuu (Reconciliation room) and First Floor Gallery, 128 King William Street, Adelaide

Featuring: Susan Bruce, Ali Gumiliya Baker, Dave Court, Catherine Hewitt, James Holdsworth, Sue Kneebone, Seiichi Kobayashi, Will Nolan, Jesse Price and Min Wong.

Curated by Ann-Marie Green
ART WORKS Emerging Curator 2021
In its most distilled essence, digital art encapsulates an artistic work or practice that uses any form of digital technology as part of its creation or presentation process.  

These selected artists employ digital devices as mediators and silent collaborators in their art production. Working with digital tools implies an undeniable connection to machines, science, and the mathematics of data coding. This collaboration may not always be evident in the end product. However, it is fundamental to how these artists communicate their ideas about the built environment, nature, narrative, identity, and how we interact with art itself.  

Artists Dave Court, James Holdsworth, Jesse Price, and Catherine Hewitt use technology to investigate natural and built environments. Interrupting what we know to create new perspectives. 

Seiichi Kobayashi, Susan Bruce and Will Nolan explore the relationship between digital and analogue techniques. Bruce unpacks a film’s textural qualities by creating moving images from handmade collages. Kobayashi calls on the restraint of Japanese Rinpo painting to investigate the ever-changing relationship we have to images. Will Nolan expands the traditional notions of still life and sculpture through collages and installations and documents them through his camera to create new ways of engagement.  

Ali Gumilya Baker, Sue Kneebone and Min Wong look at cultural identity through traditional portraiture.  The merging of digital and analogue techniques in these works expand the narrative on culture, identity and place. 

Embedded is presented at the Adelaide Town Hall as part of ART WORKS Emerging Curator Program and is delivered by Guildhouse in partnership with the City of Adelaide. 

Adelaide Town Hall is an accessible venue.